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  1. I am using Vectorworks 9.5.2 on Windows XP I have made many light plots with Spot light and have never had this problem before. I have Set up my Space, My Grid Layer, My Plot Layer, All scaled to 1/4" I set up my Lables in Lable Legend Manager correctly. Now I am placing lights on my plot (in the Plot layer) and entering Channeling, dimmer, Color ETC information and nothing is showing up in my plot at all. The Circle that I am using for my Channel container is showing up when I 1st place the instrament but the minute I put a channel into the instrument properties the circle move from where I placed it out side and on the bottom of the light and it moves to the middle of the light. Thinking that I have set some thing incorrectly I opened up a plot that I had made 3 months ago, that had worked correctly only to discover that when I refresh the instruments or change any of the lighting information the same problem occures. I am getting very fustrated. I have looked thru out the tech boards for simmilar problems and can't find a solution. A co worker is having the exact same problem on his computer. We are both running the same system configuration... -Jay Ryan
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