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  1. Pamela

    DTM Creation

    Tremendously helpful, Thank you
  2. I am attepting to build a dtm model of an existing site for which I downloaded survey data points. I have been able to successfully use these points to build existing dtm models in the past, but now I want to learn more about modeling as we are progressing from simple 2d plans to 3d presentations. My first question - when I select the stake objects to build a dtm the contours extend past the perimeter boundary of the survey, I have tried adding 2d & 3d polys to the surface, and adding site modifier fences to force the contours to clip at the edge with no avail. I know this can be done, but can't get VW to work for me, any help would be appreciated. Second question - What do all of the options in the site modifer object properties dialog box mean? specifically the fence properties say I select fence for the config option what value do I enter for elevation and slope? I have a fence surrounding my site which varies by 30 feet of elevation from one end to the other, but not in a constant fashion. I have gone through the online help info to no avail, can someone please either give me answers or point me in the right direction to find them?
  3. Thanks to such a great tech support system, I learned a very valuable lesson yesterday... Don't put the update file in the vector works program file folder and try to execute the upgrade from there. Obviously it won't work! On that note, since I now have our office up and running on 12.5 I would like to offer kudos to Nemetschek for the lastest upgrade. -p
  4. Ok, I have now tried several times to upgrade, including a full re-installion of version 12.0.0 with the same invalid series 'a' message. here is the exact wording... You have entered a Series A serial number, but C:\PROGRA~1\VECTOR~2.0\Update VectorWorks.exe is not a valid Series A version of VectorWorks. Please enter a different serial number, or select a different folder to update. Exception Type: None Exception Value: None Exception Stack: None Help please?
  5. We are running 3 seats of VW landmark in our office, and when I started the VW 12.5 upgrading process this morning the first one upgraded without an issue, but the second two have me stumped. Both machines will go through all the motions only to tell me that I have entered a series 'A' serial number but the VW 12.0 I am trying to upgrade is not a valid series 'A' version. Any suggestions?
  6. I hate to revisit this topic since it is so old but not sure where else to go. At the time I started this string, I was working on exporting points for stakeouts. After unsuccessfully getting this to work with VW I dropped the issue, but it has once again reared it's head and I have decided I am going to deal with it this time around. With our upgrade to VW12 and some experimentation with scripts I am slightly more comfortable with them. (Would love to attend a training session or class on the topis if there is one out there?) But after several failed attempts to modifiy the above script I am begging for help. I need to export additonal stakeout data beyond x,y,z. I need point or id number and description as well for staking out a project in the field. Would someone be willing to help here as I still don't have a full understanding of scripts and the programming language they require. Any help is appreciated and thank you Pamela
  7. I am also experiencing this 'application error' which closes the program. At first I thought it was just a glitch in the translation from an VW 11.5 to VW 12 drawing, but after more work time, I experience this in both converted drawings and new VW12 drawings. We have a convereted VW 11.5 file with our custom 2d plant symbols which we are using to develop a customized plant catalog and that file has even started displaying this application error. A tech worked in it for about a week with no problems, and when he came back to it last week the error started showing up which is now preventing any further work on the plant catalog. Any suggestions?? Pamela
  8. Thanks for the response. I understand the decision to not allow changes, but from a VW users standpoint, now I have to duplicate my plant, make corrections and be sure to delete the incorrect plant from the database, rather than simply correct an ID or name. Will this decision be reversed in the next version?? As for the disappearing SKU Numbers. procedure is as follows (I have tried this on new and it seems to work properly, but when I open our drawing with the plant catalog information it refuses to work.) Select place plant tool Select settings button to bring up the dialog box Select create new plant In the plant definition tab select the PLANT COST button Fill in the SKU number box Select ok When rechecking the data for the plant just created the SKU dialog box is blank I have modified a Plant list to include the SKU number for our purposes and when I insert this plant list into the drawing the SKU will show correctly there, just not in the plant definition dialog boxes. I can live with this bug as long as my plant lists are complete and correct. I hope that makes sense. After several tries to see if I was doing something wrong, I got varied results. It works correctly on a new file, won't work on my converted plant catalog file and on occasion in both old and new files crashed the system and closed vector works with the "Do you want to send error report" message. Thanks for the help.
  9. Issue 1 I would also be interested in finding a way to edit the plant ID and name once created. Issue 2 We are updating our plant database/catalog and so far most everything is working properly, with one exception, when entering the COST DATA dialog box and inputing the SKU number. VW12 seems to accept it ok initially, but when I go back to check/change anything the SKU dialog box is empty, although we did discover that it will appear when placing the plant list. Is this another bug to add to the list?? Thanks for the information
  10. I have been working with VW 12 for about a week now and really like what I am seeing and finding... I too agree with tvetter about a Landmark training session. I have struggled to get landmark to give me the accuracy and control in developing and manipulating surfaces that I had in ACAD and Land Desktop. I am not sure if it is my lack of knowledge of the program or if I am asking it to do things it can't do. Althought Salt Lake is nice, may I recommend something in the Midwest...Discounts are always good too. Keep up the good work... you almost have a new convert of a diehard ACAD user.
  11. I am still working on our custom plant symbol database, and for the most part things are going smoothly. The biggest problem I am having now is assigning a plant id to each plant that is quickly identifable when using the drop down selection box in the place plant dialog box. I have seen others comment on the same issue, it would be nice if we had more than 6 or 8 characters to try to describe a plant with. My options at this point are to either proceed with developing the data base usable with the place plant tool or return to using a large symbol library with plant records attached to each symbol. Will this feature be addressed in the next update? If not, what is the best way to attach a plant record to a symbol? I have tried several methods and they seem to work until I want to import the symbol into another drawing. Do I need a seperate plant record for each plant data or can I use one generic template? As alawys any help is appreciated
  12. I honestly don't remember, I think I finally got it to work, but I don't use that function enough to remain fluent in its use. Sorry I couldn't be of more help, maybe Robert will remember. PSH
  13. Just an observation here. While I haven't experienced some of the problems others are speaking of, I have noticed VW11.5 seems to unstable, my program has abruptly quit on me more in the 2 weeks since I upgraded, than it did in the year of using vw11 prior.
  14. Thanks ever so much, now to just dig out what I need. It may very well be a site feature in Landmark, but I haven't found it yet. At least now I know there is hope. Thanks again
  15. Having been an avid user of ACad I find myself missing some of the features I used the most. For example line types, in Acad I could create line types that would contain a letter or symbol say a "W" for a water line to be used in the site drawings. This helped to clean up the drawing and make it very obvious what the line represented. I KNOW there has to be a way to generate those types of custom lines in VW11, but I am not finding it through my research. I understand the concept of scripts (which I am sure is what I will need to create my line types) but I have yet to master the art of creating and using vectorscripts. Can anyone help me out?? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks PSH
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