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  1. Rooflights are a basic building component frequently used on almost every project but still not properly integrated in Vectorworks 2021. The 3d symbol method is very awkward indeed, rooflights are not recognised as BIM objects and there is no way to include them in window schedules!? Unlike Revit and Archicad...
  2. This is a relevant and recurring issue in Vectorworks so some assistance from the VW team would be appreciated. Rooflights are basic building component like other windows and doors. I don't understand why rooflights are still not properly integrated in VW with a dedicated plugin like windows and doors. I would also be interested in a solution (if there is one) to include rooflights in window schedules/reports?
  3. Our entire office uses Vectorworks and we would appreciate if Vectorworks support team could address this issue ASAP. Some of our project drawings are a mess after installing the SP2 update on VW2021, is there a quick fix for this? Thanks
  4. Hi, I'm currently working on a project and came across this issue immediately after installing the SP2 update on Vectorworks 2021. The hatches/tiles of some components (roof insulation on slab component) are not displaying correctly now (screenshots attached). The graphical representation was fine before installing SP2, any idea what is causing this problem and how to fix it? Thanks
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