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  1. You can also use Custom Selection to select all dimensions and globally change them to the new dimension style, once you've cretaed it per cbaarch's instructions.
  2. Well after a bit more work and help from NNA (thanks Donald) I was able to get the site model 'clipped'. To the above instructions, I would add: --The clipping poly MUST be a polyGON, not a polyline --It may be in the None class (class seems to be irrelevant) I would also add that is procedure is analogous to pasting a polygon into a Roof object to create an aperature or crude skylight.
  3. In v11 there was a DTM command, "Set Border", which allowed one to exclude portions of a site model from the graphic. This allowed having data points outside, say, metes and bounds, but generating a DTM of the property only. That command is no longer present in 12. After speaking with Tech Support, I've been given the following (undocumented) procedure: --Create class: "DTM-border" --Draw bounding polyline and set to DTM-border --Cut --Click on DTM and 'Edit Group' --Paste in place --Exit Group --Click on 'Update' in the OI Palette Problem is, the above procedure does not seem to work for me. Does anyone have an alternate approach to cropping out portions of a DTM (other than converting it to a mesh etc.)? Thanks in advance.
  4. 3D loci (often artifacts of PIOs like fireplaces) are visible in my renderings. While exporting the rendering as an image file will get rid of them, often a screen capture will do for a rendering export. Having 3D loci invisible in rendered views (even if as a preference similar to light objects') would be much appreciated.
  5. Since VW 10, the 2D reshape lassso has been very slow, leading to frequent errors in handle point selection. Can this be speeded back up to VW 9 responsiveness?
  6. In addition to using the Move... command in the RB, let users drag resources around and drop them into folders.
  7. I did a serach for this but got 72 topics that seemed irrelevant. Sorry if I'm duplicating a prior post. Anyway, here goes: Please include a library of IKEA kitchen cabinets in VW or ARCHITECT. IKEA provides a kitchen layout application for free, but it's PC only and pretty cumbersome to boot.
  8. While sometimes it's nice to move one wall and have all attached walls move with it, most of the time I DON'T want that. It would be nice if that mode were turned off as the default.
  9. Being a keyboard shortcut-loving guy, I wonder what interest there would be in implementing a keyboard shortcut for toggling through the pick points for simple geometries in the OI palette. For example, click CTRL-(keypad) 1 and the lower right point of a rectangle is selected for reshapes.
  10. Yes, I know. My point is that it would be nice (for me at least) for that mode to be off when I launch the program, not on.
  11. I'd like to see walls behave better with 2D tools. For example, have lines extendable to walls with connect/combine tool; have the trim tool work on walls, etc. [ 08-04-2004, 06:11 PM: Message edited by: Francois Levy ]
  12. My Autojoin pref is always off; that's not the problem unfortunately.
  13. In addition to setting the rendering mode for a Viewport individually, wouldn't it be keen if each Viewport could have its own separate setting (irrespective of the file as a whole) for what is now the Document Preference "Black And White Only"? Yes, it would!
  14. now that text blocks can have their attributes (font, size, etc.) editted from the OI palette, that same functionality should be extended to dimension strings.
  15. if i want to edit a crop, but am annotating a viewport, i need to exit, then re-enter the viewport selecting crop instead of annotation. from within the viewport i ought to be able to jump from crop to annotation to design layer--possibly from the pull-down "Layers..." menu in the data bar.
  16. In addition to having grayed visibility set by class and/or layer, allow individual objects to be greyed ad hoc (possibly from a checkbox at the OI palette). At teh very least, allow Layer Links to be greyed.
  17. Also, it would be nice to be able to purge empty symbol folders. I agree on the 'select all' button wholeheartedly.
  18. After years of using Julian's method, and migrating an office template from one version of VW to another, I'm finally getting around to rebuilding my default more or less from the ground up. It's an opportunity to revisit scheduling. I notice that in spite of the fact that the OIP shows the rough opening for a door/window object in the Shape tab, it does not populate the corresponding field in the Data tab, and therefore that data has to be manually entered in the Data fields in order to appear in a Worksheet schedule. I suppose I could rename the column header in my WS from "unit width" to "rough opening width" and edit the window object accordingly, but gee I'd rather not have to use such a clumsy workaround. Anyone have a more elegant solution? Frankly, the unit dimensions are not nearly as useful on a schedule as the RO (or MO), since one of the key functions of a schedule is to communicate such opening sizes to the framer or mason (since their work happens usually well before units are ordered). TIA.
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