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  1. By default, the Sills class is applied to the door leaf and swing arc in Top/Plan. You can override that in Settings/2D Visualization. Thanks to Door Styles, you can create default styles that eliminate the use of the Sills class for that door style (same is true for windows). When you insert a non-styled door (or window), however, the class will probably be re-created in your file, even if you deleted it.

    Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 9.04.14 AM.png

  2. I know it's a backwards workflow, but I may have a new client soon who does concept/visualization in C4D, and I'd like to import their models into Vectorworks. They currently have this workflow: C4D --> SketchUp --> AutoCAD. Ultimately they should go: Vectorworks -->C4D, but I may or may not convince them to change their workflow. Meanwhile, can anyone tell me whether there's an export path from C4D to Vectorworks that preserves C4D NURBS? Their current workflow does not, obviously, and that's a headache for them.

  3. I'm testing a new MacBook Pro and I see a similar issue with 2018 SP2. Starting from a saved view (design layers, clip cube on, OpenGL), I turn off the clip cube, render in wireframe, then do a Final Quality Renderworks. All geometry disappears, though moving the cursor around activates pre-selection highlighting. Zoom out then zoom in clears it up and rendering can proceed as normal.

  4. Have you successfully exported a Vectorworks BIM model to DOE-2? If so, please message me or email me offlist : info AT francoislevy DAUGHT com.

  5. I am completing a book on sustainable architecture designed within a BIM workflow, focusing particularly on skin-load dominated buildings (i.e, smaller projects than those often associated with BIM). The book will be published by Wiley next year. I am concluding each of my chapters (e.g., Massing Analysis, Passive Cooling, Passive Heating, etc.) with an approximately 500-word case study of a notable project. I intend the case study projects to concretely demonstrate the use of the quantitative analysis potential of BIM to support design decisions for high-performance architecture.

    I'm specifically looking for architects who employ the quantitative analysis opportunities in BIM to design skin-load dominated sustainable buildings for better performance, firms that are to some degree using the "I" in BIM coupled with building geometry to make informed design decisions. This typically involves applying in schematic design or early design development some or several performance design guidelines (some of which have been around since the 1980s), and/or sharing the BIM file with subconsultants (energy modelers, etc.) late in design development or construction documentation. The later is commonly done but by then it's often too late to make significant design changes; the former is less common and the emphasis of my book. The subtext is that building performance can be a form-giver for climate-dominated architecture.

    If you or your firm is interested in contributing a Vectorworks project for a case study, please message me or email me offline (info AT francoislevy DOT com). I would prefer heretofore unpublished built projects, preferably under approximately 20,000 square feet/2 000 square meters. I am particularly interested in case studies for these topics:

    Innovative software use

    Passive Cooling

    Building Hydrology

    I regret that I am on a rather tight deadline, and need to move very quickly. Images should be of sufficiently high resolution (minimum 1500 pixels wide, TIFF format) for publication. Interior artwork will be in black and white, but color images should be sent in color (the publisher will convert them to gray scale).


  6. You have to assign a class to the texture bed not from the Class pull-down menu (as you normally would), but by typing in a class name in the appropriate field (Class) via the Object Info palette, or upon creation. Assign the texture you want to the class whose name you typed in.

  7. I have a Vectorworks BIM workshop coming up this weekend (August 1-2) in the Bay Area, with another in Pittsburgh on August 15-16. Here's a link: http://is.gd/1dcIX.


    The BIM Workshop is intended for users of Vectorworks ARCHITECT or DESIGNER (and even FUNDAMENTALS) who wish to integrate intelligent models into their design and documentation workflow. Topics covered include:

    * Using hybrid 2D and 3D parametric objects such as site models, walls, windows, doors, stairs, etc.

    * File organization and maximizing the effectiveness of classes, design and sheet layers, and viewports for efficiently extracting views of a building model

    * General 3D modeling

    * Embedding data in hybrid objects and generating tabular views (reports) such as door and window schedules, area takeoffs, and performance calculations

    * Team collaboration using workgroup references, including integrating DWG (AutoCAD files) in your workflow, and importing and exporting IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) files

    For a preview of projects demonstrating some of these principles (and others) please see these two online movies (approximately 40 minutes in length each):



    Macintosh workstations will be available for all participants, and participants are welcome to bring their own laptops with Vectorworks installed. Fast-paced and comprehensive, this training is helpful to Vectorworks users wanting to take their expertise to the next level. For more information, email me info AT francoislevy DOT com

  8. I'd like to save myself some trial and error time on this. Does anyone have a preferred export format for best quality animations? Video, PNG, MPEG, etc.? Which produces the best quality (least pixellated) in a broadly digestible format? I've been typically rendering in FQRW using Video format, as in my experience most people can view that, but even at highest quality I get some pixellation, particularly with raking light (low sun on a DTM hillock, for example). Anyone have any favorites?

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