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  1. After seeing the concept videos of @Stephan Moenninghoff In this topic and his work for InteriorCAD (those menu with the icons looks so good, very informative) I really believe this man can/should help bringing Vectorworks UI/UX to next level.


    For example Look at his work for the new framed fronts of InteriorCAD (https://youtu.be/7ibekCaDKRM)  I couldn't stop thinking how wonderful this kind of setup would be for the windows and door tool. So we can select complex profiles for the window frames with a simple nice looking menu. 

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  2. Hi Paulo, your plugin looks nice! Before 'wasting' a lot of time learning everything I wonder if you can use VW 2021 new material functionality? In our template everything is controlled by materials instead of classes. In the feature all VW tools will use materials, so being able to use materials in your plugin as well would be great!


    Edit, some more questions:

    - Is it also possible to use a 'composed' profile. So multiple shapes with different classes/materials in one profile?

    - If I change a custom made profile will all the already placed profiles also change?

    - Can your siding tool also be used with multiple profiles? So we can have a repeating pattern or random stacking of multiple profiles.  Maybe nice idea for upcoming feauture?


    Perhaps I can help you with the translation to Dutch?

  3. 13 hours ago, jeff prince said:

    Not to highjack the thread, but I'm curious why you had difficulty in Vectorworks.  I use a lot of point cloud data for developing my models.  My only gripe has been the scaling issue when importing, which takes a bit of manual effort to correct initially.  Otherwise, it's been very useful in documenting as-builts prior to beginning design.  Prior to bringing the point clouds into Vectorworks, I have done a bit of editing and decimation in either Autodesk Recap, Pix4d, or Metashape to make the Vectorworks side of things more manageable.


    @RussUshould join this chat, he knows a thing or two about all this and Tom W.'s question.




    Unfortunately I don't have the time right now to check again. But I think it was also part to blame due to my bad GPU. For a next project I will try to make the pointcloud lighter by using your suggested tools, thanks.


  4. Nice project! Appreciate the sharing of projects. Nice to see what's possible with VW.

    1 hour ago, Boh said:

    Nice job!  I did an old villa a while back and after 2 site measures couldn’t work out why the upstairs walls didn’t line up with downstairs - some walls were 100mm or so out of alignment. Finally figured out that the original high stud walls weren’t vertical but more recent reno walls were!

    Yeah we had the same. Since then we we use pointcloud scans to draw the building. It's not so expensive anymore. Compared to the time and cost to manual measure it. It's somewhat the same. And it gives more data. Unfortunately vectorworks can't really handel the files so we use Revit to trace the pointcloud and import them into VW. Hope that will improve in the feature..

  5. Thank you all for your help. I managed to get almost everything working:



    First I tried to keep the roads and ground plane 2D but with a different Z value (controlled by the layer). Unfortunately the buildings didn't project there shadows on these planes. So that's why I made them 3D using the 'Create Floor' Command and 1mm thickness. Unfortunately now I can’t hide their lines. For example the green arrow is still a polygon and can easily be changed to show/hide the line. The buildings are made with an extrusion, I can still show/hide the lines. But a floor won’t change. I find it hard to edit the shape with an extrusion in plan view. That's why I prefer the floor option.

    As you can see I’m rather new in modeling in 3D with Vectorworks. I have only used the 2D function for the past 10 years. Making diagrams in Vectorworks instead of SketchUp+illustrator is the first small step to use VW full potential.


    Hope someone can help.


    EDIT: Never mind. got those floor lines to hide by going into Plan view and hide them. In 3D view I can only turn the floor lines ON, not OFF. Is this a bug? 


  6. Hi, 


    I'm trying to make 3D diagrams with Vectorworks. But I can't find the right settings for the viewport. Some settings shows unwanted lines, some settings show the wrong display order and some settings don't show any fill in the 3D Building mass... In potential VW would be great for diagrams. But not being able to find the right settings drives me crazy.. I made a very simple example to illustrate my problem. Hope someone can help.



    Diagram rendering setting experiment.JPG

    Diagram experiment.vwx

  7. Ah bummer, missed that. Reading trough the description it seems interesting.


     @KPrice Since you made the announcement, can you tell me if the session is recorded, like with the design Summit? Can we watch it somewhere?

  8. Hi, 


    Due to corona Design Summit 2020 was an online event, free to watch for everyone. I really liked the small videos that shows what new functions are being worked on. 


    A year has passed. And corona is still here. But there wasn't a online design summit. Are you guys planning to do anything similar like last year?

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