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  1. On the development roadmap the GUI modernisation of the application window, welcome screen, view bar, and mode bar is marked as scheduled see https://www.vectorworks.net/en-US/public-roadmap


    Some schreenshots have been shared in the 2021 Design Summit of the current development. Will be introduced in upcomming updates or versions of VW, exact date has not been shared.

    Vectorworks design summit 1.jpg

    Vectorworks design summit 2.jpg

    Vectorworks design summit 3.jpg

    Vectorworks design summit 4.jpg

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  2. Hi Jesse, can confirm it is working as expected. Thanks! 


    Ps. Would it be an idea to start an github/gitlab account where you collect your plugins? That would make the discovering of your plugins better and gives us the possibility to share translated versions of you plugins. You can then simply link to the plugin instead of uploading it to all the different forum topics. 

  3. Noticed a January 2022 update to the roadmap


    Active research



    IMHO nice to have, but personal I would prefer improvement to the UX witch we use each day. Workspace Editor is only used at the first setup of VW. 

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  4. Hi @Jesse Cogswell we are now in the progress of modeling an existing highly modular building. You plugin is a real timesaver! Thanks again! A college noticed a hybrid 2d/3d within a symbol cannot be made unique when in 3D edit mode. Making the symbol unique in 2D edit mode works correctly. But sometimes it's more difficult to select the object in 2D mode. Being able to make the symbol unique in 3D mode would be great. Can your take a look, perhaps it's a small fix? See screenshot and file below.


    Best wishes for 2022!

    Error plugin.JPG

    Error plugin.vwx

  5. Looking at the new file formats Webp, that can make images super small without lost of quality, I wonder if PDF-file format will incorporate this technology. Most pdfs we make with VW are packed with tons of images that effects the file size a lot. We use the build in file compression of VW wish already saved a lot of space! 🙂 But could be better

  6. No your question was clear, I only looked at your image😅 But to change the arrow you should check the Graphic Attributes. When I change the arrow both arrows change for me using VW 2022 SP1. Can't check sp2 right now, not released yet for my language. So perhaps a bug for sp2?


  7. Look at the new feature of interiorcad for VW 2022! You can now customize glas doors with profiles and panels. I wish that the window and door function of VW where as feature rich and intuitive as interiorcad. Than we could really easy design the window (parametrically) with LOD 300/400 level. Please VW, hire these guys😉



  8. Trace the 3d model model? You can make a viewport from the 3d model front view and place it on your design layer to trace it. But then again, a fridge is not the most advanced object to draw by hand? Simple draw some squares

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  9. Since we now have non-blocking rendering of hidden line plans and according to the roadmap we get this soon for sections would this mean 'live' rendering like Revit is something VW can do in the future? This would eliminate the need for hybrid objects I think? And so simplify our workflow. Especially now that materials can define section fill. This would also mean auto-update of all the viewports.. 

  10. I've noticed a huge update on the roadmap this week (compared to the roadmap update after the VW2022 release). Perhaps it's nice to have a dedicated topic to discuss any changes we notice in the roadmap? I've marked the latest changes I noticed, let me know If I missed one.


    In Development


    Active Research





    Personally I think it's awesome that working with pointclouds get's some attention. Integration of Pointfuse sounds awesome! Also there seems to be a lot of development with the Nomad and web platform. Direct editing of Parametric objects sounds exactly what I was waiting for. Hope this will let us use the reshape tool for reshaping window objects. This will help the design workflow a lot.

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