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  1. Thanks for checking it out Pat. @Marissa Farrell can you figure out what's going on with my files?
  2. It sounds like it could be a similar issue. I have another file here, in which I isolated a problem node. I suspect that this was to do with copying between files. Maybe this simple example will help identify the issue. node test 2.vwx
  3. Ah, of course! When I save the recovered file and re-open it again the object disappears in the same way as the original file. The object can be recovered by doing this: New file Rename Design Layer 1 as anything else New layer > import Design Layer 1 from faulty file with import layer objects checked Control-A Then you can see the Marionette object in the OIP, but I can't see it on the main screen.
  4. Thanks for looking at this Pat. Yes, the cutting objects are exactly the same size. Thanks for the tip on that. Regarding my file with missing objects: the file itself isn't anything I can't recreate, but I would like to understand what's going on. The objects were definitely not deleted at the time of saving - in fact I have a series of autosave files with the same issue. I have recovered (sort of) the Marionette object by importing the design layer into a new file - see attached. Now the problem is that I can select the Marionette object with control-A, but I can't see it. Any idea what's going on? Unstrut 6 recovered.vwx
  5. Hi all I wonder if you can help with this problem. I have a simple file (attached) containing just a Marionette object node. This was working fine until I saved and re-opened it. Then it appeared to be empty; Control-A doesn't select any objects. Any ideas how I can see the contents again? Thanks Unstrut v6.vwx
  6. I have one licence of VW 2022 Spotlight with Connectcad for sale. There is an offer to get Twinmotion free (£499 usual cost I think) but only available if we get the licence transfer done before the end of the month. £1,800 +VAT Please get in touch if you need any more details.
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