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  1. Here's an alternative to custom search that may help. See first response by jfmarch http://techboard.nemetschek.net/ubb/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=12;t=004444
  2. Use custom selection From Menu pull down Organize>Custom Selection window opens, pick "Select Only" and "Create Script", then click "Criteria" window opens, from left field pull down to "symbol", click the browse button to right of empty field. find the symbol in the resourse browser that opens, select it, click "OK", give script a name. Then go to layers and classes turn everything on. Set Layer and class visibility to "show snap modify". Then run the script by double clicking it. If the symbol is on a layer that has the same scale as the active layer, it will be selected. Look in the info pallet for the symbol's location- how many etc. Make the symbol's layer active then set layer visibility to "active only" to help see it. Zoom in. The selected symbol(s) will center on the screen. With the symbol selected you'll at least be able to see its selection handles if it's behind something. If an even number of symbols have been place one on top of another, you won't see selection handles. Check the info pallet for the number selected. If this doesn't work, set layer visibility to show snap modify, then try a layer with a different scale. I think you'll need to run the script again for each differnt scale.
  3. Re printer driver I simply create custom pages for "Any Printer" Mac OSX Never a problem so far Since reprographics shops print from rolls you can specify goofy sizes, like 36x25. Sometimes it's easier to use slightly larger paper.
  4. When you call around for prices, ask if there is an extra charge for printing the first set of a multi-copy order. Some reprographics shops charge a plotting fee (also called ripping) for the first set even when you give them PDF files instead of plot files. Last time I checked Kinkos only charged for the copies. I have 36" wide Calcomp 720c inkjet plotter gathering dust in the corner. It did a nice job more than half the time when I used it, but nowhere near as nice as the ouput from a reprographics shop. I'll use it again if I move away from an urban area...maybe not.
  5. Andy Kovach


    Robert Anderson responds to similar question http://techboard.nemetschek.net/ubb/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=4;t=000355 With a little experimenting I was able to get good results. But I was placing a model in a rural landscape with buildings on two sides. An urban setting might have taken a bit more experimenting
  6. Problem solved its a Mac problem that also causes finder buttond to display improperly. here's the fix: Open system prefs, change the monitor color settings for both crts to generic,closed system prefs, restarted finder then all was normal. PDFs created in vectorworks display properly. Web images from my favorite blogs are correct as well. This has worked for about an hour now.
  7. I sent an Architectural Site plan (DWG format) to a civil engineer. He complained that it contained Autocad splines and that it was very hard to work with. What is an Autocad spline? Why is it hard to work with? How should I prepare my files to make life easier for AC users? VW 10.5.1 Mac version
  8. Kevin Lots faster. Almost instant. NAA grinds and grinds before displaying search results. Many of google searches are cashed so display is very quick. I don't know if google searches pick up everything.
  9. I find that I spend too much time searching. Something that has made my searches much faster is to use google to search the site. Use the following: site:techboard.nemetschek.net (then insert keywords here without the paraentheses) any other suggestions would be appreciated
  10. By default the control point is at 00. On my first try with the tool this was at the upper left corner. it looked like an object corner handel. When I click-dragged it I found the control point. This is a lot more intuitive than working with hatches. Thanks!
  11. Thanks Robert The "perspective depth factor" must be the custom perspective value in the Perspective field of "View>Perspective". Do any of the view tools, (Flyover, Walkthru or Translate) provide similar manipulation?
  12. What are the steps in the process get a model view to align with a site photograph? I want to make a perspective view of a building that will allow me to show context that is supplied by a photo. The photo will provide the background buildings street and vegetation of adjoining property. I have my building modeled including paved surfaces and existing refenence objects. I've planned my camera position so that with a 50? cone of vision I see some of the adjacent buildings. I assumed that if I took my photo of the site without zoom or telephoto I could use it as a background by taking a "set 3d view" from the same location and with "Normal" view. I can't seem to get the reference objects I've modeled to align with the photo.
  13. OS10.2.8 and VW 10.5x Mac G5 1.6 single 1.25 G ram I was having trouble with speed of selection and moving objects. Everything seemed to take an extra second. After trying Katie's suggestion and a couple other changes the hesitation is gone. here's what I did: 1. Restarted 2. Used coctail to repair permissions, cron scripts, purge cashes and cookies and prebind system 3. Quit all programs except VW and QuickKeys 4. Modified permissions of VW changing from Nobody to Me (does this make any difference?) 5. Removed a 4 files that were cluttering the desktop. Questions: I run Cocktail at least once a week. Is this often enough? How often should my computer be restarted? Why? With over a Gig of ram, can't I keep Mail, Safari and Preview open allways? If not,why not? Last, if I toss the Mac and get a PC will this difficulty cease?
  14. Cool Is there a key stoke to enter it without mousing as well?
  15. Is there a way to get out of the editable fields in the info pallet without mousing? I can't break the habit of hitting a key to call a tool while still in an editable field. The result is that an "x" most often replaces any text I've just typed. Command I works to close the pallet but is difficult to reach with the left hand (right hand is usually on mouse) Greatful for any tips
  16. I've used MaxBeam from Archforms ltd for several years. It's an Excel overlay. Works on either Mac or PC go to http://www.archforms.com/ for demo or google for reviews.
  17. VW10.5.1 Mac OS10.2.8 A door symbol made from a plugin cuts the wall at the trim instead of at the jamb. This leaves a void when viewed in top plan view. A door plugin does not do this. However, if I drag a door plugin out of a wall, the wall heals but wall is displayed in the plugin between the jamb and edge of trim. If I make a symbol out of the plugin that has been draged out of a wall it insets properly. Is this just a qwerk in VW or an indication of corruption in the program. I just replicated this behavior in a new file. Thanks
  18. Thanks Katie to illustrate the cursor behavior imagine this: draw a rectangle select it move pointer toward corner handle at about 5/32" away smart cue appears dot added to arrow cursor continue moving pointer toward handle at about 1/32" pointer changes to cross+dot continue moving pointer toward handle once directly over handle pointer changes to resize (diagonal arrow) sometimes the resize cursor doesn't appear unless I move around over the handel a bit. Once it appears it will tolerate about a 1 pixel move before it reverts to cross+dot. If I train my finger to lift off the track ball before clicking to engage "resize" it works just fine. But if I move the pointer (sometimes just 1 pixel) the cursor reverts to cross+dot and I end up dragging an object not a handle. I've been experimenting with changes to the trackball settings in Kensington Mouseworks. This has helped a little. VW prefs set to click-click drawing My hardware has not changed since upgrading to VW10.5 but the OS has. Once a week OS maintenance is preformed by Cocktail (Permissions checked/repaired) I didn't do a clean install of OS 10. Perhaps I should wipe the system and start over. This might help the speed issue, maybe not. I played with a new emac the other day and found it displayed the same hesitation executing simple actions like pulling down menus that I routinely experience (1-2 second wait).
  19. Is there a way to change the snap radius of the resize cursor? It seams to be independant of the snap distance set in VW prefs. It take a lot of concentration to get it to appear. Then when I click the cursor frequently reverts to selection. I have the snap radius set way out to 12 pixels. I would like for it to stay engaged a bit longer. I'm using a track ball to point. So it's pretty steady. I've been using VW10.5.1 Architect since December upgraded from 8.5. I'm still not used to the way it feels. And I miss the speed of 8.5. ( sure like the new features though, 'walls from spaces' saves hours;-) Mac OS 10.2.8 on an upgraded G3 with 'bout 3/4g ram
  20. Is it possible to apply the preference to use "class" when putting down attributes with the eyedropper tool? If I pick up attributes from object A that is set to use "class" then put down attributes on object B, all the class attributes are put down... except the preference to use "class" attributes If I then modify class atributes from within the classes dialog box, object A changes reflecting the change, but object B does not. In order to have object B use class attributes I have to select it then in the attributes palett set each field to "class"
  21. Is it possible to edit a roof created from walls or polygon by entering the roof then editing the path object (polygon)? For example say you create a simple 20x30 roof then decide to make it 20x35 or you add a 10x10 room on the edge somewhere. These are simple mods but if you recreate the roof you still need to input fresh parameters If this is in the works for future versions it would be great if other edits to the first roof form generated were retained. For instance: gable ends, skylites etc were left in tact rather than reverting to a simple hip roof. I spend a lot of time fiddling with roof modifications using VW10.5.1 on Mac Thanks
  22. I've used Quickkeys, a macro utility, for years to remap the keyboard and to automate multi-keystroke tasks. Since upgrading to VW 10.5 from 8.5 i've been missing Quick keys. I want my control key back. I'd like the option to turn off contextual menus in VectorWorks and have the use of the control key returned for my use. Although I've added a number of commands to contextual menus, they are nothing compared to what I've given up. PS I'm greatful that the VW programmers have increased the available key combination. Mac OSX
  23. I'd like to have Apendex A of the manual available as a worksheet for editing. I'd place it in excell in order to be able to sort columns and rows. I'd also like a way to extract the same kind of information from the workspace editor. A minor improvement to the workspace editor would be to use a window type that can be resized. That way I could at least see more of a list of, say, tool pallets. Mac OSX
  24. The carbon library was updated when upgrading to OS 9.2.1 I've had difficulty getting technical support from the faxSTF vendo--Smith Micro. So I've abandoned the application. I switched to Page Sender after upgrading the OS to 10.2. No problems with fax so far Thanks for your help
  25. Carbon version installed is 1.6 Since last post I've installed OS 10.2. I'm still having the same color rendition problem when printing to PDF thru the OS 10 print dialog.


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