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  1. Hey all, This is a bit of a weird one, maybe I'm missing something obvious though: In the file I am working on I've added some lighting instruments, when I select a single instrument the object info palette shows "<Multiple Values> for almost every field, except position oddly. Changing the field and pressing enter doesn't seem to change anything, though pressing edit and going into the lighting device popup the changes do seem to track through to this page. Additionally: when selecting multiple lighting instruments the object info palette shows either "No Selection" or "Lighting Device" (the difference between those two is whether I use click drag selection or single shift click selection) instead of its usual "# Lighting Devices" and the "<Multiple Values>" issue is still present. I'm also noticing that the label legend does not seem to be working in this file either. Other types of object such as hanging positions seem to be working normally in the object info palette. My other files seem to be behaving as normal in Vectorworks 2021 with an educational license, just this particular file that seems to be giving me trouble which makes me think I've done something wrong, I just can't figure what. I've uploaded the file in case you want to poke around and see. Thanks in advance for any help! -Mark PAT Rep Drawing.vwx
  2. Adjust flipped text was checked at the time of recording. Just tried it unchecked, and it doesn't flip the text when moving the object anymore, but it is upside down from the start now sooo yeah. -M
  3. Hey all, I'm having a weird issue, and its very replicate-able. When I create a cable with any of the cable tools, assign that cable a name, then move said cable it flips or inverts the text for me. I have no idea why that would be. Obviously I'm just trying to make these little lines hold their labeling in the correct orientation. Let me know if I'm missing something obvious or if this is just a weird bug that I've found. I've attached a screen recording in case that helps. I'm in VWX 2020 SP5 if that helps. Thanks! Screen Recording 2020-10-28 at 10.47.16 AM.mov
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