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  1. Katie, Thanks for all the information. I double checked all of the classes in each window, set the class color/texture in the class dialog box, and selected the glazing. Still the siding on the walls cover the windows. Another user responded and suggested I make sure the windows are actually in the walls. They are. I've tried re-mapping the siding texture hoping it would map around the windows but that didn't work either. I'm at a loss what to do. I miss AutoCAD. Well, back to the drawing board. Thanks again, Howard.
  2. Hello again Kattie Okay, I am using VW 10.5.0 Series A050 I didn't realize this was so complicated I'm creating my drawing in the Architect workspace editor. 1. Drew the walls, doors, windows, etc. 2. Placed walls in layers named Walls-1st Flr, and 2nd Flr. The walls are in the Class Wall-Int, and Wall-Ext-Full. 3. Applied the texture to the exterior walls for siding 16 grey. When I shade or render the windows they only show as an outline with solid grey inside. Thank you for your help. Howard
  3. Kattie, I am using Windows XP and VW-10, Architect, Renerworks.
  4. I have applied a siding texture to the walls. When I view the house in isometric or an elevation the texture covers the windows. This happens with the window in my roof dormer as well. I have selected a solid fill for both the walls and windows. My deadline is 2/20/04. Your help will be much appreciated. howard@applewoodhomes.com
  5. When I attempt to join walls at a "T" intersection at plan view the walls do not clean up. Also, sometimes the walls that did clean up un-join themselves while editing the drawing. The company just bought VW 10 this week and installed it. I am using Windows XP. Pentium 4. Your help is appreciated.


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