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  1. All of my objects have an applied texture to them... I would honestly love hard shadows more than anything. As soon as I turn on "cast shadow" for the fixtures I loose all light emitting from the fixtures once I render. Here is a 2021 version Pink Clouds v2021.vwx
  2. So Soft Shadows is unchecked... but if I need to Uncheck Cast Shadows to even get light to emit from the fixtures at all in renderings and Soft Shadows is a subgroup of that... then how can I get the shadows at all?
  3. Thank you for this! Unchecking "cast shadows" fixed the issue. However, I'm only getting soft shadows... I've tried turning off indirect light in the Renderworks style and turning the Soft Shadows option to low but neither are helping. Is there an option for that that I am missing? Pink Clouds.vwx
  4. I made a space with lx fixtures in it. In open GL I can see the spotlight on the wall illuminating, but when I render in a renderworks style, custom, final quality, or otherwise, there is no illumination in the space. How can I fix this?
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