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  1. I don't know why some walls appear solid and others as wireframes when I render a perspective in open GL. Can anyone explain to me why this occurs. I have used the walltypes from the program (v. 12 - pc). Thank you!

  2. Dear BC, I have version 12, Architect, on a pc. Sorry for the confusion. I did manage to change them by changing the wallstyle to "unstyled". Previously with an assigned style, the component option wasn't available. With the change to "unstyled", I was able to change it as you directed. Thanks all for your help!

  3. I'm mystified but when I try to use the object id label function, when I click on the object, the label is placed way outside the area, nowhere near the object itself. My order of steps is exactly as the manual instructs me to do. Help!

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