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  1. I have v. 12.5 Architect and am having problems editing my stair information. After I change values and try to enter them, a message stating: Cannot close dialogue box with invalid data. No matter what I do, it comes up with the same message. Is there anything I'm missing?



  2. When I insert a door now, the door leaf is not visible anymore. The wall is broken properly and the trim shows up but the door itself isn't visible. I tried working with class visibilities but so far, no luck. Any suggestions? Thanks

  3. I have finally come up with an image I'd like to print by using the Display Image from Camera command. How do I separate the image from the background wireframe drawings and just print the rendered image by itself? Thank you!

  4. Getting back to the original question. The objects changed scale midstream. Walls that, in the object info palette are supposed to be 8" thick are now 4" thick. Everything else is half the size except some dimensions and text. Changing the scale of the objects does not work because not all of the objects changed. Besides in the viewports on the sheet layers, once I double the size of the objects, the viewports are no longer large enough to contain all of the drawing at the proper scale.

  5. I recently discovered that on my model layer for the floor plan, the scale seems to have doubled; meaning that things measure half of what they should be. Everything on the elevation layer is fine. The layers are both scaled at 1/4" per the set up default. How do I change the floorplan so that the dimensions correspond with the objects again?

    I am using 12.5, Windows XP Home. Thank you very much?

  6. I've tried making a rendered floor with the extruded polygon command but I keep getting a floor plane that has different height vertices. I can't seem to be able to change them to make a flat plane. Is there a secret to this. I tried tracing the walls to do this so I guess the snap goes to the different height of the walls or other objects. I have version 12, windows xp. Thanks!

  7. I have Vectorworks 12.5 with RENderworks on a PC, XP Home. After I upgraded to 12.5 and upgraded Renderworks, everything worked fine. Then one day, 12.5 wouldn't open. I've tried to remove the program to reinstall but when I try that, I get the message, "Could not open INSTALL.logfile. I've tried working with the registries but nothing works. Version 12.0 still works though. What could have happened and how do I fix this? thanks crazy.gif

  8. I have VW 12.5 Architect and Renderworks, Windows 2000 XP Home. After I upgraded to 12.5 from 12.01 everything worked fine until one day, the program wouldn't launch. I tried uninstalling to reinstall but Windows couldn't read the .exe file. Version 12.0 still works but I can't do anything with 12.5. Any suggestions? Frustrated. confused.gif

  9. All of a sudden, when I try to open a file a window appears stating that "Vectorworks has encountered a problem and needs to close." Under the program list, VW12 has mysteriously disappeared. I tried reinstalling the program but it didn't help. I had VW v12.5, Windows XP Home. What happened and how do I fix this!!?? Help! confused.gif

  10. I have tried to render a floor using and extruded object for the floor. From what I can gather, when I snap to a corner, the vertex's Z component differs according to the object I snap to. This creates an uneven plane. Is there a way to override this? I've tried changing the values in the object info palette but it keeps snapping back to the original. I have version 12.5 windows. Thanks!

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