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  1. What you are attempting is never easy ! Just take your time ... take notes ... plan it out step by step. When re-scaling make sure that you only apply the change to one Layer at a time ! And always work within a fresh new file ... especially when importing DWG. Once things are correct you can WGR or copy & paste into the working file(s).
  2. So often it appears that ideal parametric Symbol objects should be able to display a dynamic text field listing the size. Then when the size of the object changes ... so too the text field. Viola ! However, specifying Doors within the planset requires schedules ... that's where all the action is; because each Door Symbol can have different characteristics and still be the same size as all the others. What matters is that each unique Door Symbol contains a unique ID keyed to the Door Schedule. As Pat indicates the Door Plugin Object contains fields & values which are readable via worksheet schedules.
  3. Possibly related to Quartz Imagery: http://techboard.nemetschek.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=137052
  4. The problema is with your 62m datapoints. They are on eachside of the 60m contour...hence the looping contours connecting the 62m loci. You can: 1) Split the dataset along the 60m contour and calculate east & west separately. 2) Eliminate one of the 62m contours.
  5. Additionally, you can crop&frame a larger structural isometric view ... annotate the Details within the cropping frame and then just enlarge the cropped view , as req'd. to highlight each of the Details from the frame. Quick,simple, and effective.
  6. Any data you can capture with VW worksheets ... you can export to Filemaker. Those images you export from Viewports / sheets can be displayed in FM, too. And the entire process can be automated via scripts.
  7. To reiterate a long standing VW rule ... NEVER ... import DWG... into an Active File !
  8. The inclusion of fractal generators would go along way to solving many of the 'realism' issues. For example, fractal representations of trees, sky, clouds, terrain, flames, water, and roads are possible. Dynamic fractal texture mapping provides true scalability.
  9. Check this video tutorial ...showing greenscreen & image prop techniques. Greenscreen > how to do it !
  10. Something to consider ... prior to file conversions. Run basic OSX maintenance including Permissions check... then use Font Book to confirm that you don't have any duplicate Fonts lurking around to confuse VW. Finally, always import older data into a new-fresh empty 2010 file , then WGR or copy&paste into your 2010 working file(s).
  11. Hence.. the need for an " Actions Recorder " in VW ... with a playback/create script> VSS. This basic functionality would allow apps like OSX > Automator to handle most mundane chores. With the added benefit of producing a library of Vectorscripts for every conceivable design process.
  12. in fact ... 1/4" / ft ...= 1:48 = 1.1935?... is really minimal = a flat shed roof be extra careful ... this is one of the hardest roofs to detail properly.
  13. My process of choice for the last 15+ years has been VW worksheets for the area, lengths, quantities, et al.. Exported to Filemaker which handles all the estimating & take-offs via various construction material modules per the CSI > MEANS Cost database. This system worked exceptionally well for thousands of assessments involving most of the largest Insurance Underwriters in the aftermath of numerous hurricanes. We were able to generate the damage estimates... adjustment documentation... and contractual plans for reconstruction. We tried VW as a stand alone worksheet based estimator .. and it really sucked .. but linked to the power of Filemaker's Relational Database ... it rocks.
  14. Why not ... just make sure the ImageLayer Page Scale is same as the DesignLayer Page Scale prior to import of the jpg. Simplifies the Sheet >ViewPort.
  15. Could it be that Vectorscript is not only dumb, blind, and stupid ... but going extinct from lack of developmental initiative/inspiration. Considering the longevity ... and the changing technologies ... perhaps it's time for evolution to kick in ...as the saying goes... $#!? or get off the pot.
  16. Are there any external resource references ?
  17. The wall partition top vertices can be manipulated with the 3D EditTool. Or you can create a 3DPoly and use the FitWallsToRoof procedure.
  18. To clarify ... my observations were not political ... but representative of a general theme... that even in matters of extreme circumstance involving life & death decisions... the road to chaos and disaster is very often paved with good intentions. Containers that work successfully in one scenario may not be appropriate for another.
  19. One only needs to look to the US Military for innumerable poignant examples of costly "interoperable" failures/disasters. At the beginning of WWII necessity demanded that limited resources be conserved. Therefore, used oil & gasoline drums were logistically re-cycled whenever possible. When the Marines landed on remote islands ... so did all those 55 gals. oil drums filled with their precious water. Unfortunately, detergent chemistry was in it's infancy. The soaps available were insufficient to adequately cleanse the hydrocarbons from the containers. And... moving 55 gal drums filled with oily liquid... across blood soaked beaches and over muddy trails really sucked... "it's a two-steps-forward-and-a-step-back kind of process".
  20. Having actually created a hand draughted planset the olde fashioned way ... please don't be too critical of the limitations of ViewPorts, et al. Most certainly it's a pain to have to actually edit over the CAD generated sections and elevations and then add notations to the plethora of CAD details .. . but it sure beats having to "draw&draft " the entire project while avoiding making time consuming mistakes. Perhaps, we can all look forward to a future when CAD Monkeys will become as extinct as telephone switch operators. Eventually the global CAD Cloud will be smart enough to make all the necessary connections from a few spoken commands. BIM = Building Information MEME Until that fateful day ... let's all enjoy the ride : )
  21. Check out this image of the Filemaker WebViewer Set-up GUI. Here's the code to access Goggle earth Maps from within the database using the Management:: */Contact ... addressing. "http://local.google.com/maps?" & "q=" & /*Address=*/ Contact Management::HWPOA_Street & "," & /*City=*/ Contact Management::HWPOA_City & "," & /*State=*/ Contact Management::HWPOA_State & "," & /*Zip Code=*/ Contact Management::HWPOA_ZIP & "," & /*Country=*/ ""
  22. okay .. i think ... i've got it... utilizing the Scots well-hung Rationel method... before fixing your frame to the face... while sitting behind the opening... first, check to see if the opening is revealed... then screw the packer into it... : )
  23. Indeed ... longtime coming .. this wish needs fulfillment, asap.
  24. Try: 1) symbol>duplicate>rename>edit>ungroup...then procedure. or 2) symbol>edit>select all>copy>exit symbol>paste>ungroup...then procedure.
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