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  1. What are the main improvements (especially the 2D fuctions) to upgrade from 2019 version to 2021? And possible glitches?

    I hope to convince the team (a conservative group of people, some of them still are using version 2016..) to upgrade..


  2. On 12/16/2016 at 9:18 PM, zoomer said:

    Sometime things look like a rant but at the end it means that someone really cares about something.




    Seems I come from the opposite site and immediately an idea is arising,

    Levels and Stories need no more Layers :)

    While it may be the same at the end.


    With Stories, Layers degrade from their "Where" to another dimension of a Classes "What".

    So to say a "What +" as the Story defines the new "Where".


    So your "no Story Level" make sense, as it is the same.

    I just think for organization purposes, when files get crowded, and even legacy reasons, a separation

    between Stories and Layers makes still sense.

    Story-less Levels, at the end just means you just need to have 1 single Story at file's Z= 0,00 m.

    Or your base level Story if you have more of them, which could be just a default for any File Template.


    That way my wish for extra Levels outside of Stories (Facade Boards and such things) could be done

    in the current system but there is a wish for a separation as you want to hide these from your normal

    Story aware PIO's Level Settings Dialogs.

    (So no new feature from VW internals but a UI separation of the functionality already there)


    I do not know if Story/Levels are available for Spotlighters and Landscapers at all, but I think they are

    also as useful there. Maybe in most cases there's no need for more than 1 Story for them, but Levels, yes.



    In you case Benson, where Layers with Z values only still work fine,

    I understand the wish to not need Stories but want to have Levels as it is easier.

    But I think it is ok to force you to set your 3 Stories one time and forget them - bang.


    Stories and Layers do slightly differ and have different functions and I do not see that a

    marriage between these 2 makes really sense, as long you need Level's being aware of your Layer heights.

    You would still need a second kind of Layer that is not Level-parenting as there are cases where you may

    want inter-Story Layers for any kind of things. Even if they are workplane substitutions only to draw at a

    special height.

    As such a separation is already given by the addition of Stories to current Layers, I think it is good to

    keep them.

    But some improvements needed to take the fear from users that avoids using Stories.




    I always set my Story and Layer settings for any projects.

    I don't fear them and they do help a bit.


    But indeed I have cases where I even delete Story Binding from Layers and set them back to Z=0,00 at one point

    because there is no Story Setting Exchange between files.

    I may get in some 3D DWG or IFC files where all Objects Heights are bound to ground, which geometry i want to use directly,

    and I am not willing to assign Stories to their Layers, if any, and move the geometry back down manually afterwards,

    each time I have to refresh these.






    As a new VW user  I was also surprised to see VW (as a 3D BIM tool) is still holding onto 'Layer', a left-over from old 2D drafting platform. 


    In a true 3D BIM model ( a virtual building like a database) 'class' and 'story' should suffice.   


    Revit only uses 'set' (similar to 'class') and 'level' (similar to 'story') to regulate components in a 3D BIM model.  




  3. I recently started to notice something: the importance of grid lines in construction documents ( or, how the architect of record documenting a project in contract documents) in US / North America and Europe/ Germany /Switzerland is not the same.


    In the German or Swiss construction drawings not only gridlines do not always need to be there, but also the dimensioning often has nothing to do with gridlines. 

    This is perhaps the reason why VW does not offer adequate gridline tool even in the 2020 version. 



  4. Hi i have been a revit user and recently starting to work in VW 2020. How do we specify the elevation / height where the plan view is cut? For example, I 'd like to see a plan view cut at clerestory window height ( let's say 6', instead of the 'normal' plan view cut height of 4'). How is this done in VW 2020?

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