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  1. What are the main improvements (especially the 2D fuctions) to upgrade from 2019 version to 2021? And possible glitches? I hope to convince the team (a conservative group of people, some of them still are using version 2016..) to upgrade.. Thanks!
  2. How to move the drawing title on the sheet?
  3. Does anyone have experience or tips about how to create the flat roof (with water drainage slopes)? We have VW 2019 / 2020.. Thanks in advance!
  4. Thanks so much everyone!!
  5. As a new VW user I was also surprised to see VW (as a 3D BIM tool) is still holding onto 'Layer', a left-over from old 2D drafting platform. In a true 3D BIM model ( a virtual building like a database) 'class' and 'story' should suffice. Revit only uses 'set' (similar to 'class') and 'level' (similar to 'story') to regulate components in a 3D BIM model.
  6. I recently started to notice something: the importance of grid lines in construction documents ( or, how the architect of record documenting a project in contract documents) in US / North America and Europe/ Germany /Switzerland is not the same. In the German or Swiss construction drawings not only gridlines do not always need to be there, but also the dimensioning often has nothing to do with gridlines. This is perhaps the reason why VW does not offer adequate gridline tool even in the 2020 version.
  7. This is the expectation. ( Revit offers this since 2009). VW 2021 prob can do it. The problem is our office does not have VW 2021.
  8. What is the best way to set up grid lines and levels in VW2020?
  9. Is it possible to make multiple ‘design options’ in VW2020 ?
  10. Does this mean if I like to show cut clerestory windows, I ll have to make a plan cut section?
  11. Hi i have been a revit user and recently starting to work in VW 2020. How do we specify the elevation / height where the plan view is cut? For example, I 'd like to see a plan view cut at clerestory window height ( let's say 6', instead of the 'normal' plan view cut height of 4'). How is this done in VW 2020?
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