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    I had the same problem and used the tool just for general dimensioning but then decided to model the elevator cabin instead and insert as a symbol
  2. Hey Kevin thanks for coming back! In the end I had to trace a couple of letters to obtain new & clean polis but extruding one by one was the way to go.
  3. This might have been discussed already, I just can't extrude the polilines from the text I wish to turn into 3d, probably the font I have to use once transformed into polylines has intersecting geometry. Is there a workaround other than having to trace each indivdual letter? Also, is there a simple way to show 2d text in the 3d model within the design layer (I.e. on the walls)? Thank you Federico
  4. I have the same problem with the sanitaryware: when searching i.e. for a shower tray on the resource manager it'd be great to see the dimensions first instead of the prodcut codes - the way it is now I have to try several symbols before finding what I need...
  5. Hi, When working on different classes I always tend to forget to go back to the None class, can a shortcut be assigned for it? Sorry maybe someone already asked for that Thanks
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