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  1. I really like the way you think! I made a donation to the poezenboot in your name, a local charity taking care of stray cats, and my cad plans are getting together very well. Lies
  2. This is perfect @Art V thank you so much. No longer need to start from scratch now. Is there any way i can thank you? (Gezien je bestandsnaam denk ik dat jij ook nederlands bent?) Groet, Lies
  3. Thank you @jeff prince and @Art V. I am learning to understand Vectorworks a bit. Unfortunatly who made the design is no longer willing to cooperate which is why i am trying to get the information out of this model (if you would be concerned: He was properly contracted and payed for his work, but had a fallout with the rest of the team so i cannot go to him with these questions/to provide me with dimensions of his plan). I can do without most of the furniture, desks/chairs/screens/stools/lamps i can redraw in cad. In the screenshot provided by jeff i tried to highligt/identify what elements i preferably have in cad, because with that i can reproduce this plan and develop it for execution. 2d would be sufficient for me, and i could do without most of the furniture. I can rebuild the plan in autocad if i have the floorplan with the new walls, and in either 3d or 2d the view of the existing core where he designed with wooden slats an red printed/LED design. Thank you for your time invested already!
  4. Thank you Art, for trying to make it work. Is it possible to identify what the object/block is that is causing the delay? perhaps it is not a vital part of the plan. I can imagine the following: the person who made this file uploaded a floorplan on which he then designed the interior. This floorplan was originally a cadfile which is now a block with that number of objects. This reference can be excluded from the export whilst still being very useful for me
  5. my mistake, it is indeed an .VWX file, that was a typo. I attached the file to this message, so if indeed someone would be so kind as to export it to .DWG it would be really helpful! I work with autocad 2020. Have a good weekend to all, Lies Definitief ontwerp_20200918.vwx
  6. Dear team of vectorworks forum For a project i received a VMX file but i use Autocad and do not have Vectorworks software myself. After some research i discovered that importing the file into autocad is basically only possible by exporting it from Vectorworks as a DWG file. Would someone here be able to help me export my file? Thank you in advance! Lies


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