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  1. thanks so very much Matt! You have solved my issue. 😀
  2. ok thanks for the feedback. Is there a way to default it to section instead of elevation? if you see the screencaps above - in my original file when i created the interior elevation viewports it defaulted to "elevation" whereas when i started a new file and simply built 4 walls and created an interior elevation viewport it defaulted to "section".
  3. Thanks Neil. I am working on V2021 and have SP1. I've updated my signature to include my imac specs. I have shut down, restarted the computer and nothing has seemed to help. I did start a new file and just drew a simple four walled box and tried placing the view>create interior view elevation and it worked. the only difference i see in the settings is the new file has the "configuration" set to section, whereas my existing file has it set to elevation. in both instances the pull down menu is greyed out so i cannot edit this. do you think it has something to do with the room extents set by levels/stories? i'm perplexed...
  4. I'm trying to figure out why I can't adjust the interior elevation section-elevation line length. When I click "edit section lines..." it shows the section line and i can control the depth, but there are no control points on either end of the line so i'm unable to adjust the length of the section line. Any ideas? I have unrestricted active scaling mode on, and i've tried using the reshape tool and it says "not available when all selected section-elevation lines are using the elevation configuration". Would appreciate any help! thanks.
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