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  1. Is there a way to either rotate bi folding doors so that they fold down? or have a folding door to become a benchtop/counter?
  2. Hi all, I cannot figure out why my round wall tool/round objects are being extruded and appear as octagons in 3D mode? is this something that needs to be adjusted in the preferences? When looking at Top/Plan view they appear as a curved line/object, but when I extrude them they turn into straight lines. I've tried using the arch tool, polyline arch tool, and round wall tool. Creating object and adding them to surface then extruding as well as adding them together as 2 separate objects.
  3. The watermark doesnt bother me. Just the price you pay for free vw, but ive managed to put other drawings in Photoshop to render them. Im so confused. 90% of time its fine when you export as anything else, just PDF which unfortunately gives me the best quality for exporting. Most likey thats why i cant edit the pdf i think. Thanks to all for replying
  4. Both by quick Export as PDF, and Publishing documents. Im using the Student Version of VW 2020...which may be why. So you cant remove the watermark...
  5. Hi all, After I've exported a PDF document from VW to my computer, there is a password requirement to unlock the PDF document when post rendering in photoshop (or other editing). However, there is no prompt for setting this password or knowing what this pin is. I feel this might be a PDF weird thing. I've tried unlocking it in Adobe Acrobat, but it still asks for the pin. I am the creator of the document. I was never asked to set a pin for editing. I've tried going through all permissions and looked through all the document settings. So I'm thinking it might be something I've missed in VW. Any help?
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