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  1. Great thank you so much! We will give it a shot.
  2. The file is a 2021 file. Sent a file. Is their a Vectorworks support email to send to?
  3. Any other suggestions file is unusable in this state. Ready to switch to revit.
  4. There are no objects to be selected when I draw marquees at corners....the zoom to fit only makes model extremely small in 3d view. In plan the entire model fills the screen correctly.
  5. Some design layers are at different scales for details and other things. All classes are set to visible. When I do zoom to fit model gets extremely small but I can not find other objects to select Rulers say 185,000 x 225,000 I believe its in mm.
  6. I read in forum this can be cause of an object far from origin but I can not select any object other then model when I do zoom fit to objects
  7. Can not upgrade our file to 2021. Vectorworks gets the spinning wheel of death. Have left computer running overnight and no success.
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