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  1. nope, sent in a bug for 2019 and it seems its now too old, outdated and non compatable, meaning VW 2019 is now basically useless.... seems very odd to me that what you buy as a product is basically unusable forcing you to buy a more 'up to date' version.
  2. Hey, I seem to never learn as I also had issues when updating to catalina, same again for big sur. After updating both my macbook and work mac, both had the exact same issue. (using VW 2019 SP6) when doing anything on screen, eg moving, copying deleting, the screen does not update my actions, until I scroll in/out to zoom, this then updates the actions I have committed. its not as bad as the catalina issues where I had memory leaks and can be worked around, more annoying than anything to have to update the view by scrolling every-time I do anything...
  3. Hello, ive been using vectorworks 2021 architect for a few days and it seems to be constantly freezing (3-8 times a day) while performing simple tasks, like selecting a group and trying to put it onto a new class. froze and un-responding. just it seems to have no way of predicting, just happens randomly on a small file, I do have some imported DWG's maybe these could be causing some corruption? (note: these dwg files are very small (less than a MB)) Mac is new, so definitely software related. anyone else experiencing similar performance issues?


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