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  1. not directly forcing, but the old OS stops working with certain apps and programs, making old OS unusable, this has been clearly documented as a strategy apple uses accross its business to accelerate upgrades to their newest models/programs
  2. I have not upgraded for that reason. the difference is mac upgrades their os every year which breaks most things and forces the update. whereas at least windows sticks with an os (like 10) for many years and programs will continue to work. Also, windows is backwards compatible, so programs on windows continue to work far longer. It just infuriates me this profit driven 1 year upgrade cycle that is optimised for profiteering rather than user experience
  3. Hello, Why is it that every year, when a new version of vectorworks has just been released, along with a new mac OS, my current vectorworks starts behaving very odd? graphical bugs like objects disappearing when not panning the screen, frequent crashing, etc, its the same issues every year, they come about after a service update and im convinced its bugs purposely implemented to force you to upgrade. anyone else having similar issues on the macs? I know windows are backward compatible so I suspect its not an issue there.
  4. Hello, ive updated to 2021 recently and it still has the same issue, I thought it could be cause when I was using an old Mac os along with an old VW version, but after moving onto the latest systems, the issue still persists, attached are two screenshots showing the issue. it happens sometimes with crops, where the crop stops cropping for a second and then crops again, mainly when moving/zooming. this would not normally be an issue but since I use viewports in design layers, it can be very troublesome when a huge cropped viewport decides to uncrop itself sometimes and overlay where its not supposed to. The screen shot shows how it looks for a few seconds before cropping itself again, all caused by me moving/zooming.
  5. update 2, catalina is not the issues, definitely a file corruption issue, not sure what it can be, updating plugins sometimes helps.
  6. Ok, ive opened the file on my Mojave mackbook and it works no issues so far, im pretty sure its catalina causing the issues.
  7. Background: Using VW architect 2019 SP6 on Mac OS Catalina 10.15.7 | iMac retina 4K 21.5 Inch, 2019, 3ghz 6-core Intel Core i5, *gb 2667 Mhz DDR4 with Radeon Pro 560x 4gb. We use dropbox to share files, this file is locally stored files are less than 50mb in size, so its not a large file. Issue: Some of our files are very slow, crash and freeze all the time, we draw 90% of everything in 2D, and use many symbols and groups, My initial thoughts are that perhaps some kind of symbol or object is cause issues within the problem files and since we use the same library of groups/objects this problem object/objects may be causing the issues, is there a quicker way to determine what could be the cause other than trying to check each object?
  8. Background: Using VW architect 2019 SP6 on Mac OS Catalina 10.15.7 | iMac retina 4K 21.5 Inch, 2019, 3ghz 6-core Intel Core i5, *gb 2667 Mhz DDR4 with Radeon Pro 560x 4gb. We use dropbox to share files, this file is locally stored Issue: Using the program normally I seem to run into multiple issues on almost any file, for example, I will draw a basic rectangle and it will loading spin, stop, loading spin, stop, basically freeze for about 1 min, this happens randomly and often when I draw something new like a shape. overall the performance is very slow, file size is around 70mb (is this considered big?) and everything is in 2d except walls, but we draw everything on 2d planes, so the walls are 3000mm in height and they have windows/doors within, but we do not use 3D views, any clue what could be causing these performance drops?
  9. nope, sent in a bug for 2019 and it seems its now too old, outdated and non compatable, meaning VW 2019 is now basically useless.... seems very odd to me that what you buy as a product is basically unusable forcing you to buy a more 'up to date' version.
  10. Hey, I seem to never learn as I also had issues when updating to catalina, same again for big sur. After updating both my macbook and work mac, both had the exact same issue. (using VW 2019 SP6) when doing anything on screen, eg moving, copying deleting, the screen does not update my actions, until I scroll in/out to zoom, this then updates the actions I have committed. its not as bad as the catalina issues where I had memory leaks and can be worked around, more annoying than anything to have to update the view by scrolling every-time I do anything...
  11. Hello, ive been using vectorworks 2021 architect for a few days and it seems to be constantly freezing (3-8 times a day) while performing simple tasks, like selecting a group and trying to put it onto a new class. froze and un-responding. just it seems to have no way of predicting, just happens randomly on a small file, I do have some imported DWG's maybe these could be causing some corruption? (note: these dwg files are very small (less than a MB)) Mac is new, so definitely software related. anyone else experiencing similar performance issues?
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