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  1. I'm using a drawing that I drew in VW2019 and am now working on in 2020. Everything seems to be find but whenever I modify the Summary List with all my fixtures, VW hangs and won't recover unless I force it to quit. Here's what I've done: - replaced all the fixtures in the drawings with ones in the VW2020 library - deleted the Summary and built a new one from scratch - Purged all the extraneous data in the drawing - saved, closed and opened the drawing at various points of change and deletion to see if it made a difference I seem to be able to make it happen whenever I try to re-order the component list in the tool. I'm trying to avoid re-drawing the whole file if at all possible. Any ideas?
  2. Hi Justin. I'm still running 2019. Perhaps I'll move this particular drawing to 2020 and give the new version a test. Thanks for the help.
  3. I'm using a number of Christie Lites' 7.5 degree T-link bars in a truss system. I can't seem to make the truss all one system while accurately angling the truss to the angle forced by the T-link bar. For example: Step 1: Place a 6' piece of truss, connect another 6' piece of truss to it, connect a 7.5d bar to those -- all good Step 2: Connect a 6' piece of truss to the bar - still good However, the connection is still a straight connection and doesn't take the 7.5 degree push into account If I rotate the piece of truss to match the angle then it is no longer part of the "system." Is there a way to place the truss at the angle forced by the T-link bar or select the truss objects and force them to become a "system." I'm trying to use Braceworks to calculate my loads and well... without it being a "system", I don't know how to make it work. Thanks. Dave
  4. I tried what you mentioned and it still didn't work. Attached are my settings and what they do... any ideas would help 😉 Pic #1 illustrates what I'm seeing when I've applied to legend to the fixtures and then ganged them. Pic #2 shows the 2d layout of the legend. Circuit name and number are on top of each at the bottom in blue but offset horizontally. The text is all aligned as CENTRE. Pic #3 shows the fields -- none are "right reading"
  5. I'm trying to find a way to keep the instrument label consistent independent of how the light is rotated. However, as you can see in the example below, some numbers rotate and the "e2" -- which is made up of two fields --at the bottom of the fixture changes place depending on the rotation of the fixture. Ideally I want it to look the same -- basically the whole fixture including the labels should rotate the same -- for the fixture in any direction but neither right-reading or any other option seems to solve it. Do I need to make a separate label for when the fixture is rotated in different angles?
  6. Is this the same challenge with the label legend itself? I'm trying to find a way to keep the instrument label consistent independent of how the light is rotated. However, as you can see in the example below, some numbers rotate and the "e2" -- which is made up of two fields --at the bottom of the fixture changes place depending on the rotation of the fixture. Ideally I want it to look the same for the fixture in any direction but neither right-reading or any other option seems to solve it. Do I need to make a separate label for when the fixture is rotated differently?
  7. Thanks for the info, Pat. I was able to get it to work... just mixed up the summarize and sum boxes. Cheers. Dave
  8. I'm trying to create a total wattage count for my drawings. I would think it would be as simple as defining the selection criteria, showing and summarizing fixtures types, wattage and their counts and then applying a couple of basic math functions -- ie: count X wattage -- and then summing those summarized totals together. However, I can't seem to create this using variables and the summarized numbers. For example: 7 Source-4 19deg 575 All I want to do is essentially -- in Excel parlance -- =sum(A7*C7) to get the total wattage per fixture type and then do a running total of all of those numbers. When I use the "=sum" function in the worksheet, it can't seem to process the variables and allow it to create results per row. Thoughts? Cheers. Dave
  9. It would be great to have the WYG attachment setup implemented in VW but for now, you can attach the fixtures and then move them without too much trouble to show their realistic position... labels also help.The functionality of actually attaching the fixtures is great because of all the database/worksheet/report functions which you can now customize. Remember that you now have 3D labels in case you're doing ladders or more difficult non-horizontal hangs. And then we just pray for somebody on the crew that can actually read a plot 😉
  10. I've run into this issue when ganging fixtures. I create the "gang" but the label has the two fields offset from each other -- in my case, the circuit name is higher than the circuit number. I've ganged fixtures many times but have never had this happen before. I've tried rebooting, restarting and all the usual tests. i created a new drawing and it's still happening. The two-fer object properties are as follows: Style: >un-styled> Corner: Arc Gang by: Circuit Field Vale Is there some kind of a symbol/group layout that can be modified to correct this? Thanks. VW 2019 sp4
  11. Does anybody know if there is a way to create a specific ganging object? I want my ganging tool to only show a fixture's Circuit Name not Circuit Name & Circuit Number? OR if I have to stay with Name & Number, can I tell it to only display the Name? Thanks.
  12. Actually, I think I just figured it out... adding a glow texture to a narrow cylinder seems to do the job... Still testing...
  13. Hi all. Today's fun project is to try to simulate a laser. I'm trying to render a stage and show some laser beams coming from some set pieces. I thought I'd be able to do it with a linear light with no falloff but that doesn't seem to work. Essentially, I just one to create a visible line that can render with a colour that doesn't emanate any light -- i just want it to be visible if I point the camera at it. Any ideas? Thanks.
  14. Anybody having trouble exporting worksheets? I'm trying to export my drawing but I get no file selection window after I select the format. I've tried restarting VW, reloading the file, rebooting the PC. Is it just me? USING: 2019 SP2 (Build 463397)(64-Bit) Windows 10
  15. Is it possible to replace truss that has been converted to a hanging position? I built a lighting rig and then found out that the supplier changed the size of the truss from what was in the drawing. I'm trying to change the type of truss in the hanging position but can't seem to do it as a group operation. I can delete each individual piece of truss and replace it one-by-one but that will take me forever. I've edited the position, selected the truss, tried replacing the truss but I can't seem to find a way to do it. Ideas? Thanks.
  16. Okay, so I did a a bunch of other changes then went back to those hoists and changed the function from video to lighting and back to video and then chain went black. So... I don't know what that means but it seems to be fixed. Anybody else run into this?
  17. Hi all. Here's an interesting one I found today... I'm building my rigging drawing and have organized my chain hoists by "function". In any 3D view, the chains are the same colour as the motor EXCEPT for "Video" where the chain turns white. Is there a way to change the colour of the chain? I tried to edit the motor but the chain is obviously built separately. Thanks. Dave H. VW 2019 sp1
  18. I'm having the same issue. I'm trying to create a summary and VW2019 stops responding and then crashes right out of the software -- no error messages or anything... just drops right back to the desktop. In my case, I click on the tool, place the summary, the dialog opens up and then even if I don't modify anything but just press <OK> then it crashes. Also, sometimes if I try to change settings within the "Build" dialog, it will crash without me pressing <OK>. I've tried this on two different computers now both are running VW2019 (452523), Windows 10 (1803) and different VW files. I did manage to get it to work once but the next time it crashed again. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Dave
  19. <Sigh> No, the problem seems intermittent. Changing rendering modes didn't help. I shut down VW 2019 and restarted it and the drawing rendering corrected (in Final). Then I made a change and rendered it again and all the shutters went back to their open positiion.
  20. The suggestions worked to solve the Open GL issue AND it shows the changes right away -- thank you. However, when I flip to the Renderworks engine, the beam is still showing full size. How do I solve that part? Of course, after that I have to see how to get rid of the focus points which are already placed in an invisible class -- arrgh
  21. I'm using the PRG ReNEW Daylight fixtures from the standard VW library.
  22. Here's something I just discovered. If this light is on in open GL and I rotate the view, I see the attached image. As soon as I left go of the mouse button, it disappears. It looks like the beam is being almost completely blocked but there is nothing in front of it. (the deformed beam is because it's shining on two flats at different places) Ideas? Ideas?
  23. Hi Mark. I am rendering from the design layer. If I switch on shadows, the light just flashes and then blacks out -- and it doesn't show the correct shutter cuts. If I switch off shadows then the light stays on (no cuts shown). Not sure which class is the 3d portion of the light... how would I find out? And, I'm only doing one light at a time. Thanks for the help. Dave H.
  24. I just started using VW 2019 and am wondering if anybody else is having issues with rendering lights with shutters in place. I have a light pointed at a 3d solid and it shows up fine in Open GL, Fast or Final render. If I put a shutter cut in place then I can see it in the wireframe view but it doesn't always show up when I switch it to the other modes... sometimes it does. Sometimes I will change a cut and it will show but then if I edit the fixture and adjust that same cut, when I come out, the change doesn't render. I've tried this in the drawing I'm working on with 50+ fixtures with shutters and also with a test file of just one light and a surface. Is there anything I could be missing that might make these changes visible in some cases but not in other? Thanks. Dave H.
  25. Here! Here! Almost all my shows use projection and a lot of them don't just use screens. Please make that enhancement, VW!
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