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  1. Hi all, Any recommendations/experiences for BIM Clash Detection Software/Platforms such as BIM Track,Dalux, BIM Collab etc? I didnt list Solubri as it appears very expensive.
  2. Thanks. Editing a CW seems easier in VW but the auto embed in Revit is handy as you not have to leave a gap it will make it for you. Trialing VW at the moment to see if its worth switching our office from Revit.
  3. Hi all!. Does VW curtain wall tool have an auto embed option into a standard wall like Revit does or do you have to cut out an ope in the standard wall?
  4. Hi there, I sure this subject has been explored extensively however I have not been able to locate it on the forum probably due to a long day and too much wine at his late hour. Our office (Architects) has been using Revit for the last 5 years and though as the BIM Manager I am reasonably competent in its use there are some colleagues that still struggle with it no matter how many times I instruct them. Having looked at Vectorworks over a week or so it looks so more intuitive and easier to use in comparison with Revit. Our office is moving to BIM certification according to BS ISO EB 19650 in the coming months also. As you all are aware also the Autodesk subscription cost has got ridiculous given the pathetic development of Revit. Seriously Dynamo courses to make up workarounds for Revits inadequacies. Are there any disadvantages moving to Vectorworks I am missing?
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