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  1. You will have to set the Texture on the wall you want to see through to be transparent. You probably want to use Plain transparency and not Glass as the Glass textures require lights instead of just the default lighting.


    Alternatively, could you use the Clip Cube and just move it up to eliminate the wall in you need to be transparent? You would still be able to fly around and not have the wall in the way. But that won't work if you need things to show between the viewer and the wall.

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  2. Please check that the text is at zero rotation on the design layer. If it is rotated more than 0.01 degrees then Adjust Flipped Text does not function.


    See this thread for more information.


    If this is not the problem, ask again. If you can, please post a sample file for us to look at.

  3. Python:

    def  vs.AddWSColumnOperator(worksheet, databaseRow, column, operatorType):

       return None


    With an operatorType of 2.



    // EWSColumnDatabaseOperatorType - worksheet database column operator types.
    enum EWSColumnDatabaseOperatorType 

        kWSAllOperators = -1,
        kWSSortOperator = 0, 
        kWSSummarizeOperator = 1,
        kWSSumValuesOperator = 2


    The inverse function is vs.HasWSColumnOperator.


    I have no idea why these are named this way instead of using the standard Get and Set names.

  4. Set the scale and then save the file as a Template. You can also store any resources that you nearly always use as part of the template.


    If you really want to have the template with your preferred scale open when you select new (instead of having to select the template), you can save the template with a name of default.sta in Applications:Vectorworks XXXX:Libraries:Defaults:Templates.  Replace the XXX with the name of your application folder.

  5. When you create a new Class there is an option in the Class dialog box where you can choose if the class will be Visible/Invisible/Grey in existing viewports. If you Duplicate a class you won't get the dialog box and it will use the same setting as what you used the last time you where in the Class dialog box.

  6. Save Viewport Cache.

    Large Textures/Images in the Resource Manager.


    Try Tools:Purge and see what happens when you remove unused resources.


    19MB is not at all an unusually large file size.

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  7. @Haydenovative Just to be sure. This is a Vectorworks Title Block Border object we are talking about and not just a symbol you have created to use as a title block?


    The Convert to Plugin Object option is equivalent to the Convert to Group. If you have more than one object selected when you make the symbol you with get an option of Convert to Group. If you only have a single object then you will get a Convert to Plugin Object if it is a PIO or Symbol or Convert to Group is it is a single object, but you won't actually get a group when you insert it, but rather the single object.

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  8. 5 hours ago, JBenghiat said:

    If you're just getting started, you may want to look at using python instead of Vectorscript. The API is identical, but you have the added benefit of a modern and non-proprietary coding language, with many built-in modules, as well as the ability to install external modules.

    And you also get the added complexity of all those modules and the "benefit" of nesting of code being determined by the number of space or tab characters.


    IMNSHO, I you only want to do things inside of Vectorworks, Vectorscript, especially if you have Pascal experience, is the better choice. Lots more code samples available to learn from.


    If you want to make something that is beyond the capabilities of Vectorworks, then you need to consider Python or the SDK.


    You can go a long way with any one of the options.


    Written by someone who had to try and debug Fortran 77 what was white space delimited and who can no understand why ANYONE would create a language where characters you can't see matter in how the code runs.  ;-)

  9. @MullinRJ is correct as usual.


    The caveat I would make is that it is not an ELSE IF. It is an ELSE that uses and IF as the if condition. Subtle difference but important.


    There are languages which specifically have ELSEIF syntax. Vectorscript (and Pascal on which it is based) don't.


    Nested IFs can be very useful, but also very complicated to debug. Be careful with your parentheses, Begin/End statements, and indentation.


    I always use double indentation, one set for the nesting of a Begin/End pair and then the code inside the begin/end is indented again. That makes it easier for me to read the code.



  10. Instead of trying to get 6 to work at once, get one working to get the format then expand.


    The basic format is


     IF(some condition) THEN Do Something Else Do Different Thing;

    I often include Begin and End inside an If function even if I only have a single line of code in the thing I want to do so that if I need to add more code later the structure is already there.


    IF(Some Condition) Then
        Do Something;
        Do a Different Thing;

    Note that there is no semicolon after the end before the ELSE. If you are using a single line you must not have a semicolon before the ELSE either.


    IF COUNT((R IN ['Wohnung']) & ('Wohnung'.'Whg-Nr'=NR) & ('Wohnung'.'Zimmertyp'='Wohnen') | ('Wohnung'.'Zimmertyp'='Zimmer') | (('Wohnung'.'Zimmertyp'='Arbeitszimmer'))=1) THEN EINZW := EINZW+1;


    So this looks to be fine syntax as long as you don't need an Else.


    Are you sure that your conditions are being met? Try simplifying it and see if you can get EINZW to increment.  Maybe just count the objects that have a Zimmertyp='Zimmer'


    The source for general syntax for Vectorscript is the Vectorscript Language Guide. It can be downloaded from this page of the Developer web site.



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  11. Glad to help. Especially when a new version is just released it is easy to blame bugs. But there are enough beta testers that something like this would be (in my NSHO) unlikely to have never been reported before. That makes we want to take the "deep dive" and make sure you have checked everything else before claiming a bug.

    There most certainly are bugs that get through, but if there was really a font import problem I think someone would likely of have found it before release.

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  12. Or you can use the Custom Selection menu command in combination with the following scripts.

    This first one is the most important as it restores the visibility of everything that you hide using the second script;


    The second one here hides (makes invisible) all selected objects.


    Create New Scripts from the Resource Manager with the text above. Then either select the objects you want to hide, or select the objects you want to show and then use Invert Selection from the Edit menu and run the second script. When you are done, run the first script and you will restore the visibility of everything you hid. Class and Layer visibilities will still apply.

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  13. Opacity only applies to 2D objects.  


    In 3D you would have to apply a transparent texture to the objects to get them to display like this. If you texture by Class, you should be able to override the texture in a viewport to get the image you want.

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  14. Thank you Josh. I read the question backwards, thinking that tismacfan2 was getting multiple lines of text when only one was desired, rather than the intended meaning of the multiple lines of text are overwriting ("on top of") each other.

  15. Did you use Rotated Plan View? Or did you actually select everything and manually rotate it? Oh, you said above that you don't know.


    If you go to the Design Layer(s) is everything square as you want it to be in the viewport? Or is everything rotated?


    You probably want to check the help for information on Rotated Plan View as it is specifically designed for this kind of situation.


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