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  1. A Saved View is simply a script that set the view, layers, classes, and rendering mode. It is not a state of the drawing.


    The best you could possibly get would be something to tell you the last Saved View that was run, but there would be no way (without major changes to what Saved Views are) to tell that you can run a Saved View but after running it made other changes.


    So you call a view that sets a Left Isometric view and then you manually change the view to Right Isometric. But the last view you ran was Left, so that is what is displaying as the view, but it is not the correct view, so what would you want to have happen in that case?


    Without completely re-architecting what Saved Views are to prevent the user from changing the settings, then having a display of the non-existent "Current Saved View" will create a situation where the program is lying to you much of the time.

  2. No does not sound right.


    I just created a group. Edit Group, Rotate Plan.  Worked as expected.


    Created a Symbol. Edit Symbol, Rotate Plane. Worked as expected.


    Rotate Plane. Edit Symbol. Worked as expected. Plan stayed rotated and I was able to edit the symbol in that rotation. Further rotation of the Plan View worked also.

  3. Do you mean this check box in the Snapping Settings?



    It set an angle snap that is parallel to the X and Y axis in an unrotated view while you are in a rotated view.


    Rotate a view, go to somewhere close to the axis indicators and see that you can draw parallel to the axis markers when you have the option checked.

  4. Not a taboo topic, I just don't think there are a lot of people working with medical devices.


    You can import objects in almost any format and they will be usable in VW.  Sketchup, Revit, STEP, IGES, DWG, DXF.


    The best suggestion would be to import objects into new blank VW files so you don't end up with a bunch of layers/classes you don't want/need. Clean up the objects there and then put them into a library file once you are happy with them in VW.


    All of the objects in the attached drawing with the exception of the frame, plates, and pipe (all extrusions) were imported from other file formats. Sorry for the relatively low resolution screen shot.





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  5. If you Edit the Title Block form the Resource Manager and then Edit the Title Block Layout, you will see that there are three blank text block above the No, Date, and Stamp titles.


    These block are linked to Issue data, not Revision data. I don't remember 2020, but in VW2021, I just had to select each text block and change the Dynamic Text link at the bottom of the OIP.



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  6. Have you considered the "Shuttle File" method? Import the Revit file into a blank VW file. Then reference that file into your working file using a Design Layer Viewport.  All of the Classes will be isolated in the Shuttle File and you will still be able to see and snap to the drawing. If you need to update, just delete the information from the Shuttle File and import the new Revit into to.


    If you search Shuttle File in the forums there is a lot more information available.

  7. Check the permissions on your user folder to make sure VW is allowed to access the file.


    If you start VW, change a few preferences, quit VW, Restart VW, does it give the same error message? Remember that preferences are only saved when VW successfully quits. If it crashes instead of gracefully quitting the preferences will not be saves and may be corrupted.

  8. It has been a while since I fought with this.  ;-)


    The "outside" border of the Title Block Border is actually controlled by the Crop settings. The "inside" border is controlled by the Border settings.


    If you don't need the outside line you can Edit the Style and change the Crop setting to None on the Sheet Zones and Grids page of the Style Settings.


    If you want the outside line, but don't want it dashed it is a little trickier.


    The basic layout of the title block is defined by a symbol named plankopf-A3 in the Title Block Border Style folder. If you edit this symbol, you will see that there is a dashed horizontal line near the top right corner. You can make the outline go solid by changing this line to Solid.


    Alternatively, you can also make the outline go solid by simply selecting the dashed line and Send Back to put it as the back of the stacking order.


    My guess is that the crop outline is inheriting the line type of whatever object is at the top of the stacking order in the symbol. By making that object have a solid line type it fixes the problem.


    Let me know if you need more details.



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  9. 15 minutes ago, Charlie Serf said:

    Matt, as I said, Windows Setting doesn't have a problem, but Door Setting does. So logically it's not the monitor. It's VW.

    True, but since nothing is going to be changed about VW2017, you either are going to have to upgrade or find a work around.  :-(

  10. 11 minutes ago, Charlie Serf said:

    BTW, I want to add an avitar to my profile. So I go Profile > Edit Profile. Unlike all other websites VW doesn't have an obvious link to add an image. The only place that seems to be right is About Me that allows an attachment, so I attach an image. Still my avitar doesn't show up. For something that should take one minute but with VW it took me 20 minutes to explore. Why does it have to be so hard?

    There should be a button under the C that is your temporary avatar that will let you upload an image.


  11. In my world, that is called UNDO.  ;-)


    It would certainly be possible, but it would mean that rather than just hiding things a list of everything hidden would have to be kept. Takes the script from a single line to probably 100+ lines to make sure to properly handle all the edge cases.


    Not something I have time for right now.


    But a good idea.

  12. I have not used that before and won't have time to play until probably this weekend, but I don't think it does what you are hoping it does.


    My reading of the description is that the criteria portion only applied to data associated with the Record specified.


    I can't see where this is a useful function as you can already just use the Record.Field combination to get effectively the same thing.



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