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  1. Active Only is basically useless for "container objects" like walls, symbols, PIOs and Groups. Since Active Only shows you only a single class at a time, if the "contained" objects have a different class than the "container" object, you will never be able to see them as both classes (container and contained) have to be visible in order to see an object. That kind of answers your 1 & 2.


    I don't have a good idea about 3, 4, 5.



  2. You really don't want to be editing the default Marionette nodes. You should really make your own versions and save them in your user folder or in a workgroup folder. The path you want is: Vectorworks:2020:Libraries:Defaults:Marionette. Pick the subfolder you want to have your versions show in.


    I recommend that you don't reuse the default names. If you do and someone sends you a network and your nodes return a different result you will spend hours/days trying to figure out why it does not run. This includes samples you may download from here.

  3. First as a Moderator of the forum, you "what Einstein" comment is rude, aggressive, obnoxious, and out of place.


    Second, the feature you are seeing is called "Use Application Window" and it is controlled at the bottom of the Window Menu. If you want to go back to the separate windows, just turn off the Use Application Window option.


    By keeping the Application Window open (or minimized), it prevents you having to quit VW when the last document window is closed and then having to wait for a restart when you want to open the next file. Normally closing the last window will also close the application (if you follow the Apple UI guidelines), so leaving the window minimizable rather than closable is the best option.


    You can either minimize the window or you can hit Command-Q and quit VW to remove the window from your screen.



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  4. In you OpenGL Settings, make sure the Use Textures box is checked.


    Also, almost every part of a door can have a different class. Click the Settings button. Go to the Classes pane. Make sure the different parts are either set to classes with Textures applied or set to <Door Class> to adopt the texture from the class that the door is in.

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  5. 1. Reboot computer.

    2. Try VW if it freezes, force quit VW.

    3. Rename or move your User folder. Try VW. If it boots, then there is a problem in the user folder. VW has created a new version. You can try and copy items from the old user folder over a few (or a folders worth) at a time and try and start VW in between to determine which files are causing problems.

    4. Completely delete and reinstall VW.

  6. How are you editing the TBB in your favorites? If you only edit in the local file there is not link back to the version in your favorites file.


    You either need to open the Favorites File in VW and edit the TBB there or you need to export the edited TBB Style to the Favorites File.

  7. Are you editing the Style or are you editing the Title Block Border (TBB).


    If you are using a Style then you need to be editing the style. These edits will update the local version of the style. If you want to put it into your library, then you will need to export it from the Resource Manager to your library file.




  8. FActLayer gets the first object on the active layer. If you don't change the active layer to be design layer 1 then you are getting a handle to an object on a different layer and are then use ForEachObjectInList on the objects on a different layer.


    Try using FInLayer(Handle to design layer 1) instead of the FActLayer and you might have better results.

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  9. @vassenYet again your objects are too far from the origin of the drawing. Move everything back to close to the 0,0 point of the drawing page.


    Also, your Wall Style is set to have no Fill. Edit the Wall Style. From the Definition pane click the Edit Wall Attributes button. Set the Fill to something other than none.


    The None Fill of the Wall Style is the biggest problem, but having the drawing far from the origin can cause this kind of problem also.



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  10. In a script the Layer Visibility should not matter. As long as you can get a handle to the object you should be able to work on it no matter where it is.


    If you are trying to manually select the object and then run the script on it the selection step will definitely be impacted by the Layer Visibility options.

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  11. I am sorry if I offended you with my "good luck" comment. All I can say is that my (and apparently the majority of users) experience is very different than yours. VW would love to be able to track down and fix the crashing issues you are seeing.


    There are about 30,000 users on the forum. That is about 2% of the worldwide installed base of VW. There have been about 35 different users posting to this thread. A very small subset of a small subset.


    When you did your clean install, did you happen to bring forward a custom workspace? We have seen some people have issues with upgraded workspaces.

    Did you bring forward older template files? If so you might want to recreate those as well. If there is something corrupted in your template it could be giving you issues in all your files.

    Is there any consistency to a specific action that causes the crash? If not, it is possible that your machine may have a problem or bad memory.


    I am not trying to put down your experience and would like to try and help you figure it out. I am a user like you and I also run the Los Angeles users group, but other than that I have no relation with Vectorworks.

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  12. LENGTH, WIDTH, HEIGHT in a worksheet are linked to the current view and the screen plane, so they don't work well for most objects.


    If there is a record in the PIO Parameters that contains the length you are looking for you can use a =Record.Field format to get the data you need.


    If these are just extrusions, you are probably out of luck. Unless you use a script to attach a Custom Record Format and store the length data there so the worksheet can access it. BUT then you need to remember to re-run the script to update the data when you make changes to the length of the extrusions or the data will be out of date.


    In a newer version of VW (2018 or newer I think) you can use a Worksheet Script so that the script will automatically run when the worksheet is recalculated.



  13. It is really hard to make any suggestions without seeing the code.

    Basically, a PIO is a script that recalculates based on events such as moving, rotating, or resizing the object. But one of the redraw events is also for drawing the object when the file is first opened.

    It sounds as if the drawing code is running before the parameters for the object are set and is using the defaults. What happens with a file that has more than one of your PIO objects in it? Do you get multiple extra elevations, one for each instance of the PIO?

    See if you can figure our where the initial drawing with the defaults it occurring. Of just put most of your code into an IF statement so it does not run unless it has good values for the parameters.



  14. Did VW ever run smoothly on this machine? I know VW tries to "Phone Home" to check for a valid serial number. Is something in the networks blocking this and making VW wait for a response that is never coming?

    Can you take the machine home (off the University network) and see if you get better results? Can you reboot and run only VW and see if you get better response?


    Troubleshooting 101.


    1. Reset Vectorworks Preferences.  Go to Vectorworks Preferences and click the Reset button in the bottom left corner. This will return to factory defaults and you will have to reset to your liking.

    2. Rename the Vectorworks User Folder and Restart VW.  Your Home Folder:Library:Application Support:Vectorworks:2020 Rename that folder to 2020-Old or something. (Library is hidden by default. Go to the Go menu and hold down the Option key to get there) Restart VW. If the problem goes away it is a problem in your User folder. You can either just use the newly created one or you can copy items from the old one testing after every batch (folder) to try and find where the problem is.

    3. Reinstall VW.

    4. Create a new User Account and try and run VW from there. If it works there is a problem in your user somewhere.




  15. I would assume that the answer to both is a hard NO.

    The Python may be "transferable", but anything that interacts with either objects in the drawing or with the user interface will almost certainly require substantial modification to work. Basic calculations in Python should run in the VW environment just fine.

    I don't know enough about Rhino's under the hood organization to be able to comment more.

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