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  1. It should just open. VW 12.5 is capable of opening and converting files back to at least Minicad 7. Put the file on your laptop. Open VW 12.5. Go to the File menu and choose Open. Navigate to the file. Click OK.
  2. Pat Stanford

    Hoist Symbol/ Plug-in Object

    Sorry for the delayed response. Red Symbols are automatically converted to a PlugIn Object upon insertion. I think that is a problem when used with the Hoist object. If you don't want this setting, select the Symbol in the Resource Browser, right click and choose Symbol Insertion Options and uncheck the Convert to PlugIn check box. Search the VW help for 'Symbol Types' for more information on the different types of symbols.
  3. Did you ever get this figured out? The 92903 number is about right for conversion of mm2 to ft2. Check the Area Units in the Document Preferences.
  4. Pat Stanford

    Snapping to Greyed Objects

    My mistake. The 'Y' key toggles the Smart Cues. Those text boxes that tell you what kind of point you are snapping to. The '`' (back tick) key disables snapping while it is held down. Since the snapping is working outside of Edit mode, I don't have any more good ideas. It sounds like you have restarted VW already. If you don't get any other suggestions, my next idea would be to quit VW, drag your User Folder to the desktop and restart VW. This will create a new user folder, but you will have to reset your preferences to your liking. If this does not fix the snapping issue, trash the new user folder and drag the original one back.
  5. Pat Stanford

    Snapping to Greyed Objects

    Are things snapping when you are not in Edit mode? The 'Y' key toggles snapping on and off in the default workspaces. Could you have accidentally hit that and suspended snapping?
  6. Pat Stanford

    How to report dimensions of symbols or objects in a worksheet

    As long as you are using Extrudes, you can use a formula of =Length, =Width, =Height to get the dimensions of the bounding box of the extrude. As long as you are using rectangular extrudes you should be OK. If you put the Extrudes inside of Symbols, you will need to edit the worksheet Criteria and check the Include components of Symbols check box.
  7. Pat Stanford

    Window Schedule Worksheets

    Yep. Remember that all items with the same criteria type are OR'd together. So your screen shot says give me all of the windows whose OnSchedule OR IDPrefix is 'W1-' If you really need to be this complicated, you can manually edit the criteria in the data bar, but you will lose the ability to edit using the criteria builder. After you edit the criteria and click OK to the criteria builder dialog box, take a look at the data bar. When I do that with a slightly simpler set of criteria (only one layer), I get Notice the vertical bar character between the IDPrefix and OnSchedule sections of the criteria. That specifies the logical OR function. That means the criteria will return every window on Design Layer-1 which has the OnSchedule checked OR has a prefix of 'W1-'. Click in the data bar and edit the formula to replace the vertical bar with a '&' ampersand and you will now only get windows that are BOTH On Schedule AND have a prefix of 'W1-'. It used to be that if you tried to edit a criteria that had been manually edited you would get a warning that you could not use the criteria builder. In VW2019, it appears that the criteria builder will open an just overwrite any manual changes you have made, so be careful.
  8. Pat Stanford

    Window Schedule Worksheets

    If it is showing more than you expect, then you did not get the criteria correct. When you say set the criteria you mean you are right clicking on the database header row and choosing Edit Criteria? What are the criteria you are setting? Layer is "your layer" Field Value "ID Prefix" is "W1-" Since the option is for the field value EQUAL to what you type in, make sure you include the dash. Can you screen shot your criteria and post it for us to take a look at?
  9. Pat Stanford

    Snapping to Greyed Objects

    Are your Layer Option and Class Options set to Show/Snap Other, Snap Others, or Grey/Snap others?
  10. Pat Stanford

    Organizing the Hoist Worksheet

    Most likely the Header Row is hidden. Check the Worksheet menu:View and make sure there is a check mark next to Database Headers. If not select it to turn on the header view.
  11. Pat Stanford

    Saving File Templates to Server

    Take a look at the threads I referenced in this post: Set up a Workgroup folder that everyone can access and store the files in the correct folder and everything should "just work"/
  12. Pat Stanford

    Creating a Workgroup

    Take a read through these two threads and then come and ask again if something is not clear. The second thread includes links to this post: and this thread:
  13. Pat Stanford

    Viewport Class Overrides- not working??

    To get it to work properly within symbols (and other container objects, i.e. groups and PIOs), each of the contained objects also needs to have the attributes set to ByClass. And just for the sake of saying it again, in order for contained objects to be visible, the containing object must be visible also. So if you create a symbol and put the symbol instance into Class A and then make Class A invisible, every object inside the symbol will be invisible also, regardless of the visibility settings of their individual classes.
  14. Pat Stanford

    Viewport Class Overrides- not working??

    I don't think Viewport overrides will do what you want based on the way you have things set up. Viewport Overrides only work on attributes that are set ByClass. Since you say you have objects with different fills, that means that those objects can't have the fill set to ByClass. I can think of some complicated work arounds, but nothing simple to do what you want.
  15. Pat Stanford

    hardscape report

    Click the disclosure triangle (black downward pointing triangle) on the column with the area and check the Sum Values check box. This will sum all the values of "summarized" subrows. Without this checked you get what you are seeing, when objects with different values are summarized, you get a --- to indicate that the values are not all the same.
  16. Pat Stanford

    Vectorworks to PDF file low quality

    The patterns are a holdover from the original Macintosh days. They are fixed 72 dpi resolution. If you need something better you will need to move to hatches or tile fills instead of the built in patterns.
  17. Pat Stanford

    Vectorworks to PDF file low quality

    Sheet Layers (presentation layers) have a separate setting for resolution that is set to 72 by default. Try changing that (Organization dialog box, Sheet Layers, Edit, Raster DPI Setting).
  18. Pat Stanford

    List of record field ressources

    Every PlugIn Object has its own list. And if you create Custom Record Formats to attach to objects you can create and infinite number of record.field combinations. Check this thread for a script that will give the PIO fields in a worksheet for a selected PIO in the drawing. You probably want to read through the entire thread as modifications happened after the original post.
  19. Pat Stanford

    Symbol Rollover / Mouseover question

    I agree with Robert that it is not a currently available functionality in VW. But I think it might be able to be scripted as a tool that might do what you want. How are you envisioning creating the links between the objects and the photos?
  20. Often this has to do with drawing & redrawing handles. Try Grouping the object, change the layer of the group and then switch layers and Ungroup. I would guess this will be much faster.
  21. Pat Stanford

    Structural & Non Structural Groups

    Yes, Hans-Olav is correct. It is also pretty well described in the VW Help. Search for Advanced Section Viewport Properties an excerpt:
  22. Pat Stanford

    Worksheets to stack rows up

    The fixed "insertion point" idea should not effect the actual image of the worksheet at all, only where it is placed on the page. If it does otherwise it is a bad design decision.
  23. Pat Stanford

    Worksheets to stack rows up

    @MTRobinCould a different way to describe this request be: Pick the "insertion point" of worksheet images on drawing. If the Top/Left corner is picked as the insertion point and the worksheet increases in size, it will expand to the bottom and right. Similarly, if the Bottom/Right corner is the fixed point and the size of the worksheet expands, it will grow to the top and left. This option will allow worksheet images to be places at the edges of drawings and automatically expand into the drawing area instead of always expanding down and requiring the image to be moved to be on the page. The 9 point selector in the OIP as is used to determine the fixed point of 2D object (polygons, rectangle, circles) could be used to locate the fixed point.
  24. @nahekul Thanks for continuing to check that out. And thanks to the development team at Vectorworks for making the changes necessary to have Space objects return the data expected.
  25. Pat Stanford

    How to : Create a Workgroup Folder

    I am not certain that you can store a Workspace in the Workgroup folder. I know it works in the Application folder and if you edit one of the standard workspaces it saves it in the User folder. OK, I just checked and yes you can store the Workspace in the Workgroup Folder. You need to have a folder at the top level of the workgroup named Workspaces and you store the workspace files (*.vww) in that folder. But be careful, I think that data like the current active tool and the tool preferences are stored in the workspace file. If you have multiple people using the same workspace out of the workgroup, the last one to quit at the end of the day will overwrite any previous saves. Your tools may have different settings when you open VW the next time.


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