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    Structural & Non Structural Groups

    Yes, Hans-Olav is correct. It is also pretty well described in the VW Help. Search for Advanced Section Viewport Properties an excerpt:
  2. Pat Stanford

    Worksheets to stack rows up

    The fixed "insertion point" idea should not effect the actual image of the worksheet at all, only where it is placed on the page. If it does otherwise it is a bad design decision.
  3. Pat Stanford

    Worksheets to stack rows up

    @MTRobinCould a different way to describe this request be: Pick the "insertion point" of worksheet images on drawing. If the Top/Left corner is picked as the insertion point and the worksheet increases in size, it will expand to the bottom and right. Similarly, if the Bottom/Right corner is the fixed point and the size of the worksheet expands, it will grow to the top and left. This option will allow worksheet images to be places at the edges of drawings and automatically expand into the drawing area instead of always expanding down and requiring the image to be moved to be on the page. The 9 point selector in the OIP as is used to determine the fixed point of 2D object (polygons, rectangle, circles) could be used to locate the fixed point.
  4. @nahekul Thanks for continuing to check that out. And thanks to the development team at Vectorworks for making the changes necessary to have Space objects return the data expected.
  5. Pat Stanford

    How to : Create a Workgroup Folder

    I am not certain that you can store a Workspace in the Workgroup folder. I know it works in the Application folder and if you edit one of the standard workspaces it saves it in the User folder. OK, I just checked and yes you can store the Workspace in the Workgroup Folder. You need to have a folder at the top level of the workgroup named Workspaces and you store the workspace files (*.vww) in that folder. But be careful, I think that data like the current active tool and the tool preferences are stored in the workspace file. If you have multiple people using the same workspace out of the workgroup, the last one to quit at the end of the day will overwrite any previous saves. Your tools may have different settings when you open VW the next time.
  6. Pat Stanford

    Displaying Location name

    @Gadzooks, Thanks for the kudos, but my reading of the question is that @DCarpenter wants to do the opposite. He has the objects in the worksheet and wants to list the Location names. I don't think there is an easy way to do this. The LOC is not a property of the object. When you use the LOC criteria is goes through and compares every object to the objected named in the LOC and only returns the ones that do. If you have a "reasonable" number of LOCs (say 10-20 max) that don't change very often I would probably just create a separate database for each LOC and use that as a work around. If you have a large number of LOCs or they change name frequently (like you need to do this for every project), then we have to go to much harder options. The best option I can think of right now, which will probably be deadly slow on a large drawing) would be to create a custom worksheet function that will take an object, compare it to every object in the drawing with a name and return the Name of the first object that has the object in that LOC. If you can accept the LOC object being in some what identified (always in the same class, having a custom record attached, being on a different layer) then that would greatly decrease the number of comparisons and speed up the operation. Also, the way your database is set up, it is not going to work as you expect. Since you have your upbeats SUMarized, if you end up with objects in different LOCs, it will return a cell with a dash ("-") (I think) because the data is not identical for every object. Let me know if you need more help.
  7. Pat Stanford

    Workgroup Library VS Favorite In Resource Browser?

    It does not matter what the file is named. The only thing that matters is that it is stored in the correct folder inside Defaults, Inside Libraries, Inside a folder that is defined as a Workgroup Folder. If you have a single file with multiple different object types, they won't show up unless that file (or hopefully an alias) is in the correct folder for each of the object types that you want to be Default Content.
  8. Pat Stanford

    Workgroup Library VS Favorite In Resource Browser?

    If you want it to show as Default Content (say Line Styles), then you have to have them in EXACTLY the right location. Go to your user folder and copy the Libraries/Defaults complete folder structure to your Workgroup Folder. Libraries needs to be at the top level of the Workgroup folder and the rest of the hierarchy in enclosed in that. Then put the file(s) with the line styles you want to be Default Content into the Attributes - LineTypes folder. If you don't want to have to break them out to separate files, I think you can just use an alias to the file so you can use the same file in multiple locations. I can never remember is you need to restart VW after you change the Workgroup folder structure or not. If you put the file there and the LineStyles don't show up, try restarting.
  9. Pat Stanford

    I can't select anything

    Objects are on a different layer and the Layer Options are set to Grey Others or Grey/Snap Others?
  10. Pat Stanford

    [C++] Unique Identifier for Objects

    Have you met the Chance Brothers? Slim and No? Just kidding, but what you are asking is not easy in VW, but it is possible. The only place in VW where you can be guaranteed to have a unique value is in the NAME field in the OIP. You could store your GUID there, but that is also used by some users and in some objects for other uses. Also, it is use accessible, so there is no way to keep someone from changing the value and messing up your database. You best option is probably to create a hidden record format and use that to store a UUID. In Vectorscript, there is a CreateUUID function, so it is probably in the SDK also. Basically, your script would first check for an instance of the hidden record. If it is not there, it would attach the record, create the UUID, and store the UUID into the record. Then that UUID could be stored into your database. Come time to go backwards, you would have to look for an object with a record.field value equal to the UUID in the database. What you do when you don't find and object depends on your needs. You might want to reach out to @John McKernonand see if he can offer any advise. His LightWright lighting paperwork program handles back and forth between VW and Lightweight robustly. That seems similar to what you are talking about.
  11. Pat Stanford

    GetMouse live update while running script

    There is a "bug" in the MESSAGE() procedure (or a bad design choice) that causes the Message to only display at the end of script execution. Probably not really useful for what it sounds like you are doing, but for debugging purposes, I use AlrtDialog. You have to hit return after each occurrence, but at least with a CONCAT you can display a string for trouble shooting purposes.
  12. Pat Stanford

    Workgroup Library VS Favorite In Resource Browser?

    The biggest advantage is that items in proper locations in the Workgroup/Project/User folders will show up as Default Content in the various tools. Favorites are great if you are just using symbols, but if you want things to show up natively, especially across different object (PIO) types, then W/P/U folders are better.
  13. Pat Stanford

    Workgroup Library VS Favorite In Resource Browser?

    And maybe this one also.
  14. Pat Stanford

    Workgroup Library VS Favorite In Resource Browser?

    Check out these two posts for a stating point and then ask again if you need more information.
  15. Assuming everything is actually 3D or Working Plane objects, you should be able to start in the Top view and select the things that should be the back view. I would probably Group them. Then go to a Left view and and Rotate Left 90° (⌘L on Mac). Then switch to a Back view and everything should be in the correct orientation. You might need to move everything to an appropriate location in the drawing (could be too high or low, or too left or right). You could also use a Right view and Rotate Right.
  16. Pat Stanford

    Hoist Worksheet display on drawing

    One possibility is to draw Polygons or Spaces for each area and give them names. Then you can add a Criteria of Location is "Name of Polygon" along with whatever other criteria you are using. This will give you just the hoists for that area. Or on re-reading your original post, it sounds like you want all of the hoists in a single worksheet. If you don't have too many areas you could do a bunch of nested IF statements, something like: =If (Loc('Area_1_Name','Area 1',If(Loc('Area_2_Name),'Area 2', If(....))))) however deep you need to go. Or just add a custom record with a field that defines what the Area is for each hoist and report this in the worksheet. Or about a dozen different options. Give us a little more detail on what you are trying to do and why and we might be able to offer a better suggestion.
  17. Pat Stanford

    VW19 scroll zoom disabled

    Vectorworks Preferences: Edit Tab: Mouse Wheel Zooms is not selected?
  18. Pat Stanford

    Creating a worksheet for a Bill of Materials

    Concat might not be in the pull down menu, but you can definitely type it in and it works. Yes, keeping a BOM correct is always a challenge. Be it that you accidentally duplicated a screw or did not put something in the correct class/layer/record so that the database finds them. Automation is a bitch as it does exactly what you tell it to do, not what you really want it to do.
  19. Pat Stanford

    Creating a worksheet for a Bill of Materials

    Of course I didn't attach the attachment. What sense would it make to do the right thing the first time when I can get to go back and fix it later?? 😉 Attached to above post.
  20. Pat Stanford

    Using "plot & model view" and worksheets

    Edit the criteria of the worksheet database row to either specifically include the layer that has plot view or specifically exclude the model view or vice versa. Objects in viewports are counted as separate objects as far as worksheets are concerned, so you have to be specific in WHERE you get/count the objects from. Ask again if this was not clear enough
  21. Pat Stanford

    Creating a worksheet for a Bill of Materials

    Take a look at my edited worksheet. It will answer a number of your questions. 1. Your criteria was Symbols. That means that you will only be able to get data on the symbols, not on the contained objects of the symbols. I changed the criteria to be Parametric objects and with the InSymbol box checked. That gets you a subrow for each PIO. You could also tell it to be Parametric Objects OR Extrusions. Or you could just attach your Material Record to the PIOs and then use that as the criteria. 2. You will need to attach your Material record to the PIO or Extrusion, not to the symbol. The subrow can look at either the contained objects OR the containing symbol, but not both. It would be nice to have a function that would allow you to access the Parent, but it does not exist yet. 3. Once you have the Material record attached to the correct objects, the rest should be easy. 4. Take a look at the =Concat function in column E to see how to combine multiple data into a cell. You can replace where it says B3 with the formula in B3, C3, D3, etc. to get a single cell with what you need. Or you can just leave the multiple columns and set the width to zero so they don't display. test for bom - PIO Criteria.vwx
  22. Pat Stanford

    Worksheet collapse or hide rows

    No way that I know of. Two options: 1. Pick a field that is the same on all of the items and SUMMARIZE based on that column. That should get you one subrow. Select the Sum Values option in each column and you should have the same values in the header and the subrow. Hide the headers and you should have what you are looking for. 2. Don't use a database at all and just use the functions with criteria. i.e. =Count((C=;'My_Class')) Will return the number of objects in the class names My_Class. I don't think you can do this for Record.Field combinations.
  23. Pat Stanford

    Function "IF" help please

    I am pretty sure that VW calculates both the True and False portions of the If statement regardless of which is selected. In Excel you could use an IsError call to check for the problem and then return the other value. I am not seeing a way to do this in VW tonight. Let me sleep on it and maybe I will come up with something tomorrow.
  24. Pat Stanford

    Strip Text From Worksheet

    the 'Lighting Device'.'Weight' field is text not a number that is why it won't add up. If you are OK with not being able to change the weight from the worksheet try using =Value(Substring('Lighting Device'.'Weight', ' ' ,1)) Note that there is a space between the single quotes after the field name. If you want to be able to make changes from the worksheet you will have to use two columns. Put the Record.Field into one cell and then reference that cell in the Substring call. You can use the Format Cell Trailer to add the 'lb' back into the display if you want.
  25. Pat Stanford

    Worksheet simple help needed

    Or maybe I should actually try these things before I post them. 😞 Many of the fields in the Space object have both an editable and a static text version. The static text version is calculated based on the other entered data and is not editable in a worksheet. The numeric version is typically editable. 'Space'.'SpaceOccupancyRequirements_OccupancyNumber' Should be editable in a worksheet. 'Space'.'Occupancy' Is a static text representation and should change if you change 'Space'.'SpaceOccupancyRequirements_OccupancyNumber', but not be directly editable in the worksheet. Pat


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