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  1. Hello guys, I know this is an old tread but I thought it was better to ask here than make a new one. Is there any way to edit the door/drawer type using the custom cabinet option?? thanks!!
  2. Ohh I see what you're saying about the direction of the stairs in my drawing, don't pay attention to the sketch beneath it 🙂 Actually I used VW a lot from 1999 until 2010, then I went back to AutoCAD, and now bc of several clients I see there's a market for people who works in VW so I\m trying to retake it 🙂
  3. You're right, there's no "switch" but there should be one lol, I did a new one and rotated.
  4. I managed to worked out, thanks for the help
  5. When your going up (after the 3 steps) the user should turn right. So I basically need what I have right now but change up to down.
  6. Thanks Zoomer, but how do I do that?
  7. Hello guys, I'm here with my first question. I know is an easy one but I have lost several hours looking for a solution, so this might be faster. Take a look the the screenshot attached, how do I change the direction of that stair? I need to go down instead of going up.....I'm currently in VW220 Thanks!!
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