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  1. First of all, this tool is amazing, a lot of my work is in kitchen renderings.  That being said, I have 2 new questions:

    1. How do I change the thickness of the box? This is especially important if I'm working on inset cabinets, where the frame is about 2" thick.  In the attachment mark the area in blue.  Also, you can see the settings box, I changed all the settings but nothing changed.  The settings box mentions that these parameters are controlled by an instance parameter but I don't find where.

    2. How would I do if I wanted to add another piece of cabinet of 2" thick? see mark in red.




  2. Hey there! I recently upgraded to VW 2024 v2, mainly because I was excited about the dynamic cabinets tool showcased in the videos. However, I've noticed that my settings window looks quite different from the one demonstrated in the guides. Oddly, I seem to have fewer options compared to the previous versions, and just so you know, I still have the interiorcad tool from VW 2022 installed. Any thoughts on what might be causing this discrepancy? Your help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks a bunch!

    Screenshot 2023-11-22 170556.png

  3. Just a quick question.  I'm working in some RCP's and recently noticed that the outlets and switches would disappear from the VP....even if I turn on all the classes they don't show....sometimes they show when I turn off and on a layer, even when these items are in the annotation space and not in a layer 😕 this is driving me crazy...oh and if I publish this sheets they appear fine in the PDF....any ideas?  thanks!

  4. @mgebel thanks a lot for all the explanation, thanks you for taking your time. 

    I needed to change textures really easy and fast to show to a client several options, but I wanted to stay in VW universe (I usually render in 3Dsmax with Vray), so what I ended doing was exporting the cabinets as fbx and importing them back into my VW file and then as magic I was able to change textiles lol..... I know.... I pay a high price bc I won’t be able to edit it but I don’t think I will need to. 

    Something that I notice is that I can’t convert the cabinets into a generic solid. 

  5. @michaelk I had to find a way around that limitation in the Demo to able to see if I could do a full project and if it was worth it......the answer for both is "definitely yes".  That being said, I guess you want to know how I did this with the demo 🙂 it's easy but slow, I have one file where I assemble the kitchen and another file where I create/edit the cabinets, this second file only have one cabinet so there's no issue, is just a little bit slow to make the copy/paste from one file to another.



  6. @Stephan Moenninghoff thanks!! it was a good start point and I was able to make it work. 


    About the profile being "inside", what I had to do was to change the 4 rails to a thinner measurement, from 2.5" to 1.5" and that made the trick! after that I can go back to 2.5" and still works.  Don't know if this makes any sense.


    BTW, is there anyway to only create one door?



    Screen Shot 2020-12-09 at 08.29.36.png

  7. @Stephan Moenninghoff I ser I can change the overall meterían there but not the thickness of the piece of wood. What I want to do is to change the .787” for another price, like the one 1.496” shown in the master. 

    I care more about the construction Thant the textures at this point, as for rendering I export it to 3DSMAX to render in Vray. 

    Thanks for your support. 




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