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  1. @Wes Gardner thanks for the reply. When I started the project, I assumed that I would be cutting the tail/gables off, but unfortunately the end of the truss, including joining plate, extends past the wall. So I should have said that it is raised heel with truss extended past the exterior wall (including both the top and bottom chords). Think I'm stuck building the wall up around them.
  2. I am building a screened porch as an addition to the back of my home (a single story home with truss roof system). My roof appears to be built as a raised heel truss with a bottom chord overhang (and these overhangs protrude into my new screened porch area, which will also be built with trusses running the opposite direction. I know cutting trusses is a no-no, but am wondering if the trusses can be modified to have a butt end or stub end (with a wedge or blocking) then the extended gable could be removed such that the exterior wall of my home runs directly up without having to have fascia or a bump out to cover the end of the existing trusses?
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