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  1. Hi all, were facing issues on publishing drawings to PDF. Original Sheetlayer in VWX: How it looks on PDF: It looks as we loose random objects. No error reports or anything like this. If we publish it again with the same settings the objects are there. Does anyone has the same problem? Were looking into publishing over 2000 so any help or idea is highly appreciated. Cheers, Jan
  2. Hi Conrad, thanks for your prompt reply. im not reading your list of future projects (yet) -> will do so 😉 Yes actually a socket report would be great although I created that table on my own already. What im trying to achieve is to have informations out of sockets, for example a video signal format written in the user fields attached to the circuit information (cable type and length) to feed that into my filemaker soloution from where I print my labels. In the end I would like to have a cable that has e.g.: cable name cable type signal format socket name cable length on it. In basic it seams that im close, I have a table with all the socket informations as well as I have all the circuit informations. What is missing is that one criteria that enables me to link that like e.g. a field in the socket that takes over the cable number connected to it. I thought of a work around using the socket name and the socket tag and name them individually with some kind of device name as those show up on the circuits in origin and destination, but thinking in a copy - paste workflow, individually naming 24 sockets on over 1000 devices doesn't seam pretty handy to me. Furthermore its getting a bit messy if you have that displayed in the schematics. As they are named for example SDI_In 1 to 12 I thought of copying the device name into the Socket name, but this will overwrite the Tags where they are the same. Maybe im just thinking the wrong way, so any input on that is highly appreciated 🙂 Cheers, Jan
  3. Copying in here, 90% of my projects start from a cable list. Unfortunately we weren't able to make it work either. Happy to discuss and help as this would give us a huge improvement in workflow / easing up time consuming parts. Cheers, Jan
  4. Hi, is there any way to connect the circuit, socket and device databases logically? Im trying to getting informations that are attached to the socket (e.g. user fields) in one spreadsheet with the informations of the circuits connected to the socket. Related to that, is there any way to disable that socket name is automatically written into the tag as long as both names are the same? Many Thanks, Cheers, Jan
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