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  1. Any update on getting this fixed?
  2. Ok. This needs to be fixed ASAP. It's affecting my productivity.
  3. In VW2016 callouts and general notes are auto-filling/auto-populating such that the last entry in one of these tools pops up as the entry for the next one that I choose. VW prior to 2016 NEVER did this. And I can't think of a good reason why these tools should work that way. And if someone thinks of a good reason why these tools should work that way, then make it a user-selectable preference. With this "change" I have to do three extra keystrokes: Command+A to select all and then the Delete key. This extra work significantly slows down my workflow for the projects and work that I do! And another thing, if this is a feature it should be noted in the release notes and I can't find that it is. This wish list item is really a bug report in my book. Thanks! Scott Souchock VW user for over 20 years!
  4. Thanks, Jim for the reply. Yes, it's a bug. And it's especially egregious because the change has not been noted in any release notes that I could find. And I can't find any reason why anyone might want this because it adds to workload. If someone can find a convincing argument why this feature should be maintained make it an option for users. Thanks! Scott
  5. Since starting to use VW2016, after the first callout or general note VW auto-fills my last entry. How do I turn this off? I've searched the help and forums but I'm coming up empty. Thanks.
  6. Discovered today that AutoCAD apparently has these color books of palettes that can be loaded. Found out by ordering color samples on the Benjamin Moore website. It would be REALLY HELPFUL to many, many users if VW had color palettes more akin to Photoshop, Illustrator, FreeHand, Indesign, Quark, and so forth. And if we can import the values of paint systems like BM way, way cool and useful. We can, and do now, customize our palette by finding the RGB values, and entering them by hand, and hoping we pick the one from the palette in the right location. But isn't it time that VW gets some similar functionality to those other software mentioned. It's not a dealbreaker but especially for us in EGD it would be a GIGANTIC HELP. Thanks, Scott
  7. My bad. You were right. Thanks for your help G-Pang!
  8. The problem is I don't even get the options for Quartz Imaging. Options are missing! All I have is Application resolution, print current view only, and print patterns.
  9. I need to print my VW12 file to PostScript and then run it through Distiller. In VW12 I am missing the option to select Postscript like I had in VW11.5. From the online manual (yuck) it appears that I should have this option but it is missing. Of course it's hard to tell because the manual doesn't include a picture of what the dialog box is supposed to look like (and it should!). What do I need to fix to get this essential (vital!) option back on my print dialog box under VectorWorks options? Mac OS 10.4.3. Did VW not install properly? Is there a know bug?