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  1. After grouping the sockets of a term panel for better handling, the connection lines do not update any more. Steps to reproduce: - create a new ConnectCAD document - create two Data Term Panels with at least 8 sockets - connect 2 sockets - group each DTP - move one DTP group > it works - connect additional sockets - move the DTP group again > the connection lines do not update any more Even after "Ungroup", the lines do not update any more. See attached video and vwx file. Screen Recording 2020-09-15 at 07.38.15.mov Test.vwx
  2. I have the same issue with grouping objects - maybe it fits this topic? Try: - Create 2 Data Term Panels with 16 connectors - Group each panel together - Connect both panel's corresponding ports - Move one of the panels The same happens when grouping is done after connecting. And "ungroup" still does not bring back the updated lines after moving. Matthias


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