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  1. Hey All, I've just transitioned to using the landscape area tool with components included (layer of mulch, layer of amended soil etc) as opposed to simple texture beds on a site model. When applying these landscape areas to the site model I have run into the issue where the plants still snap to the site model, which is underneath the landscape area components causing me to raise the z value of all plants so they sit correctly on the landscape area. I understand you can arrange bulk planting using the landscape area tool however in some instances we require specific placement of plant symbols. I was wondering if anyone has come across this issue and if a solution has been found, I have included a VW2021 file showing the issue a little clearer as well as screenshots. Thanks in advance for any assistance! Landscape Area Planting Test.vwx
  2. Bit of an old post but worth mentioning that you could put the roof that you wish to be transparent onto a 'transparent roof' class and then grey out the class as opposed to a whole layer. Good luck!
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