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  1. where and how can i import fixtures in the vwx libary which are not there yet. i try to find the PROLIGHTS PIXIEBEAM LED Moving Beam and import it in the vwx libary so i can use them in my drawing. thanks in regards
  2. mees


    hello, all my tools on the left side of my monitor disappeared and i don't know how to get it back. can somebody tell me how to? thanks in regards!
  3. mees


    i created a symbol, it works.
  4. mees


    hello, I'm trying to make a object that i can copy or add into my drawing where i can make adjustment on one and all will change with it
  5. mees


    Hello, My vectorworks layout starts turning yellow when i work in 3D view. In 2D is normal black on white but in 3D its black on yellow. Does annyone has a idea how i can changes that into normal black on white? thanks in regards.
  6. mees


    I accidentally deleted something and now i can't get it back. what is the fastest way to get my stage back? I can't find a GO BACK button...


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