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  1. Ok guys...I solved it copying my hybrid symbol ON the referenced viewport. The only thing is to adjust the height. CS
  2. Hello, I have a problem viewing 3D hybrid symbols AS their 2D drawing. When in my referenced viewport, I make a section/view on top of it, I have a problem visualizing the symbol in its 2D drawing (Inside the section). maybe it could be a setting problem? When Instead I take the prefab. symbol for intenal views, I see the symbols as I need; but when I try to actually modify the section lines, all the internal views turn in a red box. Please help . CS
  3. Hello, I have a problem visualizing my reference in the layout. This just happened with a couple of them. I have plenty others and they work perfectly. Basiclly I have a layer with interior views and a plan (in my original file). I referenced this level in another file, and everything appears there. I then made a layout of it but it, but it shows me only what I drew on top (2D) of my reference, and not the 3D base. (layers and classes are correct) Can anyone help me? thank you . Best, Carlo


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