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  1. Alan, While I'm a relative newbie, some training I've seen suggests doing annotations in the viewports rather than design layers...I suspect for that reason and to leave the 3D model clean in the design layer.
  2. I am learning how to use VWA. I use another software that has some very minor differences that possibly VWA might have. The one feature is the ability to quickly click the mouse in an open area of the screen and default to the select tool. It seems to me that the only tool that will allow me to do that is the zoom tool. For example if I have the zoom tool is selected and I click on an open space I default or go to the select tool. Is there a way to set up the software to do this from all tools, especially the text tool? This is an extremely convenient shortcut. My current alternative is to select the via my hot-key or go to the palettes. By using the quick-click in an open space, I can immediately hit a hot-key to perform another task. My current way forces me to move my mouse to a palette or hit my select hot-key AND THEN hit another hot-key to perform a task. Please let me know if my desired feature is possible with VWA...
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