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  1. Thank you Tim I will contact my IT unit and request the 2020 upgrade.
  2. Thank you everyone for your help Neil that is exactly what I need, I am working on Vectorworks 2017 is it possible for you to save the files in 2017? Thank you Penny
  3. Hi Peter I have attached the drawing with the shadows generated by Vectorworks and without the colour added by me. Thank you Penny Overshadowing without colour added.pdf
  4. Hi Peter I have attached a drawing to illustrate what I require. I have drawn in the shadows and applied different colours to show the overshadowing impact of additional height on buildings. Can Vectorworks do this for me? Thank you Penny 21 June - additional residential GFA issue B.pdf
  5. I want to graphically be able to show the difference in overshadowing of three scenarios in one drawing (plan of 3D model), can this be done for example with different coloured shadows? Thank you Penny


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