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  1. Species 8472

    Rigid Insulation Hatch

    that's what I'm going to try - just a matter of getting in and playing with it. Thanks for providing a starting point!
  2. Species 8472

    Rigid Insulation Hatch

    Thanks, i found that one. doesn't give us what we want, so i'm attempting to re-write the code to produce our desired result. Difficult, though, because trying to read the guides and references are about as difficult as writing the script itself. Thanks to everybody for trying.
  3. Species 8472

    Rigid Insulation Hatch

    sorry, didn't work
  4. Species 8472

    Rigid Insulation Hatch

    __________________________ | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | ----------------------- best i could do with ANSI graphics.
  5. Species 8472

    Rigid Insulation Hatch

    well i suppose it does what it's supposed to do, but still doesn't achieve what we're looking for. so my original question still stands - HOW do i write a vectorscript for rigid insulation? if it can be done for batt, which has curves and angles, then rigid should be easy - just offset lines. Are there any vectorscript writting resources out there anywhere?
  6. Species 8472

    Rigid Insulation Hatch

    Thanks. Can't find it there though, i may be just missing it. what's it called? is it in the plug-ins directory?
  7. Species 8472

    Rigid Insulation Hatch

    Anyone? anyone at all? or is this beyond the collective power of VW users?
  8. Species 8472

    Rigid Insulation Hatch

    That's not really what we're looking for. We're trying to write a script that produces Rigid Insulation, in the same way the Batt Insulation plug-in tool produices batt insulation. We've managed to get the plug-in to give the first two lines for Rigid, but we're having trouble figuring out how to write the script to get in to repeat.
  9. Species 8472

    mouse double-clicking in VW10.5

  10. In VW10.5, when you double-click on an object it acts the same as edit group, but if the object is not a group, i get the alert pop up window. This is very annoying to everyone in my office. does anyone know how to disable this feature?


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