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  1. Thanks for the brief analysis of my script, now I understand the matter a little better. I apologize for my questions, but I'm new to scripting and want to learn how to do it. So it would be better to program things properly right from the start. Can I solve this more easily with Python? What would such a program look like?
  2. I mean that I have to click twice in the drawing. To be more precise, the tool is not executed until the second click. e.g. With the rectangle tool, I define the starting point with the first click. With my tool, nothing happens at the first click.
  3. Hello everybody, I have created a tool command and call it up via an icon button. I have the problem that I first have to click in the drawing area before I can work with the actual command. What did I do wrong? Choose_Standard='Freudig_2' c= 'Bemaßung' tsize=10 import vs; def CustTool(): Result = vs.SetDefaultBeginningMarker(0, 15, 0.118103, 0.000000, 34, 0.050000, False); Result = vs.SetDefaultEndMarker(0, 15, 0.118103, 0.000000, 34, 0.050000, False); vs.PenSize(14); vs.PenBack(256); vs.PenFore(1271); Name = ''; if vs.Name2Index(Name) > 0: vs.PenPatN(-vs.Name2Index(Name)); CustTool(); Dim_Std = {} #Dictionary of Name and Index Number i=0;v='' while v !=1: try: vs.SetDimStd(i) except: pass vs.LinearDim((0,0), (0,0), 0, 0, 0, 0, 0) h=vs.LNewObj() v=vs.GetObjectVariableInt(h,0) #if 1 the function switched to 1 because of an error n=vs.GetObjectVariableString(h,27) vs.DelObject(h) i=i-1 if v !=1: Dim_Std[n] = v vs.NameClass(c); vs.SetDimStd (Dim_Std.get(Choose_Standard)); vs.SetPref(44,True); vs.SetTool(-211); vs.TextSize(tsize)
  4. Hi Dom, thanks for the good puppet! I am currently using this on doors. Can it be that this puppet only allows a shift from left to right and from bottom to top? Furthermore, I cannot calculate correctly with the script, which math functions or symbols can I use for them?
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