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  1. @TomKen Thanks for this. the foundation wall recess was a part of the problem as well so this really helps
  2. Hello all, I wondering how to use data tags properly. Right now when i tag doors, they will always tag as D-01. for the most part I am only using standard doors and the customizing is limited to width, height and opening in left, out ect. I would like to start creating quick door and window schedules with these data points but when i tag any door or any window, the tag is always 01. I have manually used the sequential numbering tag to produce drawings with tags so far but it's really labor intensive and i know theres a much better way to do this. I'm sure I've skipped some step in the learning process along the way, and it seems like the videos i have found have not explained how to do this correctly. other than Im onto the IFC data for the first time. but again the IFC data is giving everything a label of 01 over and over again thanks in advance
  3. @michaelk Thanks, I must have messed something up or was just over tired when i was doing this last because thats how i thought it had worked in the past. thanks
  4. @michaelk Thanks for the reply, I was finding the overhead door was still snapping to the 0'0". as well as the side entry doors. am i doing something wrong >?
  5. Hello All, I relatively new to this without any training. So i may have some pretty beginner questions. I wondering how you all handle a garage overhead door for a Single family home, since its most often at a lower level then the 0'0" main floor? I've been creating a new story and fighting through the bounds and shoving a short wall into to set the door. then cutting out the door for the main floor exterior wall. I'm quite certain this is not the easiest way to achieve this but its all I've come up with thanks in advance
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