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  1. I'm a newbie trying to help simplify site planning for my girlfriend's garden design business - to get vector property/boundary lines and terrain height/contour data from GIS mapping. Is this possible via the ESRI's ArcGIS integration? I've been able to set N/W location in document preferences and see the (very grainy) Geoimage of a site, but it's too vague to be tracing from and that seems daft given that GIS boundary data exists already. Having been unable to figure that out, I spotted this relatively cheap service providing DWF/DWG files including DTM height data (bonus!): https://www.ukplanningmaps.com/prices/ Importing that gives lovely vector lines to accurately copy the boundaries, with the DTM (5m grid) height data as a Contour class... ...but I'm having no joy making that into a 3D site model. I've read that VW can import data from a file (e.g. spreadsheet) and parse that into something 3D sexy, so as a workaround, I have tried and failed to a make report that can be exported, only to be imported and parsed. For the life of me, I can't fathom it... Can anyone advise what I am missing here? Thanks so much! Max
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