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  1. Hello and thank you, If you offer VW drafting services, I'd love to learn more and please email me directly. oaklandofficepractice@gmail.com Thanks!
  2. Hello Peter. Thanks for the email. May I have your direct email address please? Happy to have a call too. Thank you Mercedes oaklandofficepractice@gmail.com
  3. Hello all, We do single family residential work (stick framed mostly) in California, much of it renovations, and are thinking of switching from autocad to vectorworks. Our office used to be on VW but we switched to ACAD because it was too difficult to find draftspeople and other architects to help out. We use consultants rather than employees so it's not been practical to expect them to simply learn a new program. But we do work with some remote consultants. I'm wondering what your experience has been in this area, and if you have any suggestions for finding qualified staff. Thank you in advance!
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