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  1. Last Winter we completed a project using project sharing. At first it seemed rather tedious and cumbersome but it is just a different approach to working on files that the team eventually adapted around. We used dropbox as our file sharer, but the real limiting factor was peoples own internet speeds to push changes and release layers and objects. There were a few bugs and glitches that we came across, but all solvable.
  2. That is what I feared, effectively the same ... but not quite the same. Thanks Josh!
  3. @rvanhees If you edit the 3d component of your symbol, does it have a fill in the attributes panel?
  4. Does the truss corner have appropriate materials and object attributes? I have found a few objects from the resource manager that are missing render textures and cause this to happen!
  5. Hi there, I have a custom lighting device representing a projector that I wish to rotate on all 3 axis. 90 on X, 90 on Y, and around -15 on the Z. When I go for the final Z rotation in the OIP - it add's the angle on to the X rotation - not the Z. Attached are some pictures showing the steps. Has anyone come across this before and been able to solve it?
  6. Hi There, I have a document that references a series of DWG's split out floor by floor. When I'm panning around in OpenGL it looks fine - however when I go into top plan view every surfaces looses its fill and only has an outline. This carries across into Top/Plan as expected but what is slightly odd is that it also appears the same in Hidden Line Rendering Mode. Has anyone experienced this before and a workaround?
  7. isyme

    Wrapping Issues

    Ah, that has done it! Thanks 😃 It was made in 2021, yes.
  8. Hi there, Trying my hand at marionette for the first time and running into this error whilst wrapping a network in order to create an object. It runs fine in the design layer and the select node helpfully only highlights the wrapped network. not the specific node causing the issue. I think I have narrowed it down to a text node causing the issue but cant seem to make it go away. Does anyone have any experience in this? marrionette projection key.vwx
  9. Hi Pat! Apologies for resurrecting this old thread but it was the first one I found on the subject. I'm looking to highlight cells in a database that are value of 0 for instance. Is this possible in your (albeit very dated) example?
  10. Yes, I'm aware it could become a bit of a mess if it was solely based on object hierarchy. Perhaps circuits could have a priority level ... High would mean it always hops over, Medium means it is flexible, Low would mean it is always hopped over?
  11. Hi @Conrad Preen, Heres a few screengrabs from a project Im working on at the moment. The blue dashed line needs to hop over quite a few red lines - something that the hop-over tool cant do. I encounter this a lot on the types of schematics we draw and wasnt so much of an issue when drafting them in other software packages. Here I have drawn a white box underneath the blue line to sort of indicate what I imagine it could be like (borrowing the idea from other line break styles in Omnigraffle). If there was a way to autohop and break based on forward and back positioning that would be ideal!
  12. Hi there, Is it possible to create custom HopOver styles for circuits? For instance changing it from a circular hop to a line break that could stretch for much longer distances?
  13. I believe it is still the case in 2021 that we don't have the ability to zoom lighting instruments whilst focusing them. It would be great to be able to do this non destructively for visualization purposes but retain the beam and field data in the light...?
  14. Good spot, I remember that being listed on their list of upcoming features when talking about 2021.
  15. Hi All - I'm having some trouble with hanging points in schematic views. When I attach some LED wall to a Lighting Pipe object - all looks good in 3D - I can adjust it fine. However, When I create a schematic view of this Lighting Pipe, the items rigged on it seem to come in offset by the width of the Pipe. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?
  16. I am guessing that this is still an issue in 2020?
  17. I believe that the combination of both those settings should help us out! I'll give it a try today - thank you both.
  18. Hi, The auto hybrid tool has saved me many times. Is there a way it can be used to also generate a left and right view of a complex 3d object - or is it only limited to the top/plan view?
  19. Sounds very much like a class issue. With the pre-made fixtures they will often include 2D simplified plans, rotation points etc. You should be able to turn it off in the viewports class selector - a force select should help you find what class its part of.
  20. Hi, We have multiple people all working on one shared document at the moment. There is a range of specs of machines running the file - some great for rendering, others not so much. Is there a way to either "bake" the render of a viewport down so that it will retain its quality but not update on export or to stop viewports from automatically trying to render when you open a sheet layer with them on (a sort of live toggle)? Thanks in advance!
  21. Hi there, I have a selection of multiple LED walls that are curved to about 270degrees in 3D space, that I am trying to display on a sheet layer. Is there any way to 'unfold' this curve on the sheet layer to display a flat layout of them? Thanks!
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