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  1. I've recently uploaded 2021 version and now can't find the Plant lists - spreadsheet formats to collate all the plants on my planting plan. Any ideas where this is now in the Resource Manager?
  2. OK Tamsin, sorry to keep asking but just 3 plants refuse to be tagged (don't turn red when hovering over, says No recognizable Object in bottom right hand corner) I've tried to work out how these are different from the other plants but so far stumped. Any help with this would be great. So nearly finished this plan...
  3. Hi Tamsin, sorry I've been out all day. Now having a go at this. I just can't find the option to set the style to By Style or By Instance? I've looked in all parts of the style drop down once I ask to Edit Style. I've been through the link you sent but still no clue. Sorry I'm just not seeing this. I've got most of tomorrow to try to sort this. Will try again in the morning... Thanks so far.
  4. OK so I've worked out that I needed the Tag example to appear in the Active Tag Def box so I've made some progress. I then selected all my plants and removed existing plant tags. I then selected eligible objects - all went red and I applied the tag!!! Labels appeared. However all now are heading off Left. I note that Auto is selected in alignment field but seems to go left everytime. Couldn't get the Align to work . I have tried manipulating them all manually but not as easy to do this as in normal plant tags - shoulders and lines don't extend? I was able to change the style to remove circle with number in them as takes up too much room. I also changed font to Helvatica 65 which is the studio's house font but somehow this has reverted back. I have also seen how to change lines to be blue - although individually through Attributes. So NEARLY there....! Will have another go tomorrow.
  5. Think I need to do a web course on this - it's all new territory! If I select all plants I only get option to select class. Only if I select each individual plant or group can I change Tag Display to select NONE so that original plant name and lines don't appear. When i did this to test if I could do this I put in the leader line but no plant name appears. The object info knows which plant I am tagging but the Tag doesn't seem to. I'm obviously doing something wrong.
  6. Ok so I now have this plant and data tag in my plan. Not sure where the Data Tag tool is? Sorry Tamsin
  7. Perfect! Thanks Tamsin - Quantity and Latin Name is what I need. OK I will attempt to do this!
  8. Thanks Tamsin. I will try to understand Data Tag from the links. Do I have to turn off Plant Tags in classes or on each individual plant I have used in the plan? The fields I think I need are Marker (arrow), Pointer line, Shoulder line which they need in a different colour (blue) Text to remain black. Is this enough info?
  9. OK so I've been trying to do this for 3 days now. Can anyone help? It is for a client that needs blue lines and black text on all plant tags!
  10. Can't seem to find a way to have shoulder/leader lines in a different colour to the text in plant tags? I'm trying to do this in plant class - component - tags?


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