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  1. How would y'all suggest I draw these existing conditions walls? they vary greatly in depth, and if I make them up of different wall types, the plans look ridiculous. I can't even figure out how to achieve this corner jotting out in the front facade--if I join the walls, I lose the corner. If I don't join them, the plan shows this weirdness:
  2. Thank you, I took your advice and gave up on the simple space name! I have redone the spaces with the space tool and have been able to make a table with a list/column of the spaces as well as one with the corresponding Areas. Now, how do I reference the three windows in that room, in specific, their glazing area? I went into the window data and gave them a location, thinking I could reference that, but that doesn't seem to work.
  3. Can somebody please point me to tutorials for customizing pre-formatted reports? I have been spending two days getting NOTHING done, trying to create the simplest of schedules: 1) Basic Light & Air schedule: One picking up the names of the "Room Name Simple" from a Viewport annotations (managed that part!) and then simply having one column importing the room size from that very same room name tag; two columns where I can either import or even manually enter the glazing/venting size; and two that show those as percentage of room area. 2) I made a great window schedule from the pre-formatted schedules. All good. I spent a whole friggin' day trying to create one column that says how many of that type window are in the room, and one column multiplying that by the glazing area. I would know how to do all this in my sleep on Excel, but I cannot get the references. In example #1 here, there's just nothing that I can find that references the room area. It;'s just not there. I need a tutorial. I have read through the VW Help. I have watched 4 Youtube videos on how to create a schedule--none of which address these issues exactly, because they all build schedules that only reference records the person created from scratch. And i can't find anything in the VW University. Arrrrrgh. thank you!
  4. Has there ever been an update to this? It's maddening! Also, IU cannot for the life of me select more than one mullion at a time. Or only rarely and seemingly randomly. In the Edit Curtainwall tool, I select a mullion, hold down the shift key, and it deselects the first when I click the next. I have been having this problem for months.
  5. thank you, that makes sense (int he way that non-sensical stuff makes sense ;-))
  6. Hi Jeff (your name trips me out because our contractor on Long Island was Jeff Prince :-)), You know, I somehow fixed it, and I don't know how. It might have been about un-clicking Camera, which I have no idea what it is. But yes to your question: no changes from Open GL, just hit Render Final Exterior, and it goes away. I had tried by giving the site model a texture, a class texture, No Render Texture but a fill....nothing worked. Even though I accidentally fixed it, I'd love more input for future reference. Also, what's OIP? Meret
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