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  1. Is there a page size limitation on VW12 ? If I can define the page size on the printer "User Defined Size" to somthing like 15 meters, will it print OK ? thanks, Yuval.
  2. is there a way to program the "On line Editor" of copulite equipment from VW SL ? Yuval
  3. On behalf of one of my clients: Using Epson 1000, VW 10.5, PC winXP Can't print more then one copy at a time... it was OK on VW 10.1 !!! it is still ok on another printer does anyone knows what that is? or better yet, how can I fix it ? Thanks, Yuval
  4. OK... got it. I had the same problem with my ploting service. Install HP DesignJet 650C - C2859B driver and plot to it. it will create *.plt file. now, they use HP 1050 but with this driver the printed file was WUSIWUG !!! filled polygons, text on symbols... etc. try it. Yuval
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