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  1. I have been using VW for 2d drafting for a bit over a year now and decided to try 3d modelling and found it to be far more difficult than I thought. People like to say Autocad is difficult to learn, however I was able to teach myself the basics of 3d modelling and get productive results within one evening messing around with it after work. I have tried to do the same with Vectorworks and I am not getting anywhere. One of the most basic things I am trying to do is to align one 3d object to another. I do this in an isometric view and everything appears to be perfectly aligned. Then I switch to an elevation or another isometric view and the objects are in all sorts of different positions relative to each other. I imagine the issue may relate to not using the working plane correctly however I was hoping the working plane tools would establish some controls as to how objects were placed in space -so far it seems pretty random. I used to think Autocad's UCS settings were confusing but now appreciate the level of control they provide - and atleast Autocad notifies you when an operation will produce unreliable results. (FYI-I am using VW 10.5 on a Mac that's still on OS 9) I have other issues with VW 3d but won't get anywhere until I figure this out. I have read the manual quite a few times but I am not getting any more enlightened on this. Any help would be appreciated. - Thank you.


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